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Fig. 13.48
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Vista has built-in support for using CDs and DVDs for all their many uses. As always, you can use Windows Media Player (see 23) to create your own music CDs. Now you can also create your own DVD movies using Windows DVD Maker. You can even transfer movies straight from digital video tape to DVDs that you can watch on TV (see 32). Just want to copy some files to a CD or DVD to send through the mail No problem. Just drag-and-drop files like you would to a floppy disk (see 32). Want to back up your files to CDs or DVDs That s easy, too. Use the new Backup and Restore Center (see 33).
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Building things from scratch is an accident-prone business and there are many cases in which large software projects crashed and burned. The problems appear to be very much the same whether the disaster is a matter of safety, of security, or of the software simply never working at all; so security people can learn a lot from the general software engineering literature. The classic study of large software project disasters was written by Bill Curtis, Herb Krasner, and Neil Iscoe [212]. They found that failure to understand the requirements was mostly to blame: a thin spread of application domain knowledge typically led to fluctuating and conflicting requirements, which in turn caused a breakdown in communication. They suggested that the solution was to find an exceptional designer with a thorough understanding of the problem who would assume overall responsibility. The millennium bug gives another useful data point, which many writers on software engineering still have to digest. If one accepts that many large commercial and government systems actually needed extensive repair work, and the conventional wisdom that a significant proportion of large development projects are late or never delivered at all, then the prediction of widespread chaos at the end of 1999 was inescapable. But it didn t happen. Certainly, the risks to the systems used by small and medium-sized firms were overstated [37]; nevertheless, the systems of some large firms whose operations are critical to the economy, such as banks and utilities, did need substantial fixing. But despite the conventional wisdom, there have been no reports of significant organizations going belly-up. This appears to support Curtis, Krasner, and Iscoe s thesis. The requirement for Y2K bug fixes was known completely: I want this system to keep on working, just as it is now, through into 2000 and beyond. As a requirements engineer, you need to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of the application, as well as of the people who might attack it and the kind of tools they might use. If domain experts are available, well and good. When interviewing them, try to distinguish tasks that are done for a purpose, as opposed to those that are just how things are done around here. Probe constantly for the reasons why things are done as they are, and be sensitive to after-the-fact rationalizations. Focus particularly on the things that are going to change. For example, if dealing with customer complaints depends on whether the customer is presentable or not, and your job is to take this business online, then ask the experts what alternative controls might work in a world where it s much harder to tell a customer s age, sex, and social class. (This should probably have been done round about the time of the civil rights movement in the 1960s, but better late than never.) When tackling a new application, dig into its history. I ve tried to do that throughout this book, and bring out the way in which problems repeat. To find out what electronic banking will be like in the twenty-first century, it s a good idea to know what it was like in the nineteenth; human nature doesn t change much. Historical parallels will also make it much easier for you to sell your proposal to your client s board of directors. You will likely find that a security requirements specification for a new project requires iteration, so it s more likely to be spiral model than waterfall model. In the first pass, you ll describe the new application and how it differs from any existing applications for which loss histories are available, set out a model of the risks as you perceive them, and draft a security policy (I ll have more to say on risk analysis and management in the next section). In the second pass, you might get comments from your client s middle management and internal auditors, while meantime you scour the
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The techniques for moving and sizing columns aren t unique to the Details view. They work in just about any tabular view in any program.
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Access places the table and field name in the last part of the DateAdd function in the top Expression Builder window.
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doing anything productive. You are not serving anyone. You are not helping anyone. You are not really doing anything except sitting on your butt and watching the world go by: the big, cruel world that treats you so badly and keeps you broke and unhappy. Due to your lack of doing the right things, you are not really successful. You are not rich. You are not happy. Fix it! YOU MUST DO THE RIGHT THINGS What are the right things I do not need to tell you. You know what they are. You know exactly what you need to do to change your life completely for the better. The problem is never that we do not know; it is always that we do not do what we already know. So I am not going to insult you by making you a cute little list that reads, Just Do This Stuff and you will be okay. Am I totally against motivation and self-help Not at all. I make my living in that industry. In fact, this is a self-help book. But look at those two concepts: motivation and self-help. People think of those as separate things. The key is to put those two concepts together. The only way to become motivated is to help yourself. It is up to you: not a book, a tape, or a speech. And it is not up to any speaker, teacher, or preacher either. None of those can really motivate you, so do not look to them. Do not count on them. Does that sound strange to hear from a guy who has written over a dozen self-help books, has recorded many audio and video series, and who makes his living speaking It may sound strange, but the truth often does. I do not believe any book or tape or speech can really motivate you. Those things can only help you to motivate yourself. You will only change when you are ready to change, want to change, and believe that you can. A book, a tape, or a speech only serves you well when it makes you believe that you can. And most motivational tools can t do that. Instead, they make you feel good about who you
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Part IV
The Fast View option speeds viewport updates by drawing only a limited number of faces. The spinner value determines how often faces are drawn. For example, a setting of 5 would draw only every fifth face. This option renders viewport updates much quicker and gives you an idea of the objects without displaying the entire object.
1. Position the cursor anywhere within the column that you want to hide. 2. Choose More Hide Columns in the ribbon s Records group.
Choosing what to view and how
Figure 1-8: Left-handed users can move the Command Panel to the left side.
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