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Playing with Pictures
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The second method for changing position within the form s recordset is with a combo box. cboEmployee uses the employee s ID number, which is the bound column of the combo box. It s passed to the UnboundSearch function (shown here) as the variable lValue, which is called when the AfterUpdate event is triggered. UnboundSearch sets the recordset s index property to EmployeeID and then uses the Seek method to locate the employee chosen. If a match is found after using the Seek method, the now familiar looping routine is used to extract field values from the recordset and fill in the corresponding controls on the Employees form. The code is shown here:
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Setting Default Internet Programs
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pathObj = $Dummy01 fishObj = $Fish1/FishBody relPos = [0,-150,-50] -- How close the fish is to the path animate on ( for t = 1 to 100 do at time t ( fishObj.position = pathObj.position + relPos ) )
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calm and do not overreact. Give yourself a day to cool off and to allow your family members to realize that you need them. If by tomorrow things don t look better to you, call a family meeting and ask what you can do to improve the quality of your family life. Don t blame them for your problems and stress. If they ask you to give up on becoming a CPA, explain to them how achieving the CPA designation will most likely make life better for everyone in the family. Remind them that the study process doesn t last forever. Let them know of your plans to complete all four sections within eighteen months. They will give you more space and time to study if they know there is a time frame within which you must pass all four parts. Try to schedule a break in between exam sections, so you can plan an event where you and your family can be together without the stress of the exam hanging over your head. A day trip to the zoo, an outing to a movie or play, or even a picnic in the park could serve as a reminder that you do indeed love them and want to spend time with them. Your family cares; they just need a gentle reminder of the intensity of your goal. Try to keep family matters as calm and uneventful as possible. How can you do this At least one family crisis is bound to happen during your exam preparation. When a crisis or problem arises, keep it in perspective. You did not create the problem just because you are preparing for the CPA exam. Things just happen. Avoid the guilt trip and by all means avoid pointing fingers and placing blame on yourself or others. It is a waste of your time to think or say: You know I don t need this. I am too busy and I have to study for the CPA exam. Why did this have to happen now A family crisis is not the time for you to be self-centered. Focus your attention on dealing with the aspects of the situation that you can control. If you can t control or change anything, then realize you must accept what has happened and move on. Give troublesome situations some time. Things may look very bleak today, but the next day may be beautiful. You are very fortunate to be part of a family, however large or small. Don t begrudge family members your support. Give your family some time where the words CPA or exam are not mentioned. They need a break from the stress and pressure too. The type of person who strives to become a CPA is often a family member who is looked up to and depended on. Be thankful that you ve earned such a high level of respect from your siblings and parents. Do what you can to help with the family situation, then revert back to your focused study plan. Resist the urge to reschedule an exam section. Just because you can sit for the exam one section at a time and rescheduling an exam section is fairly easy and inexpensive to do (around $35), don t take this option lightly. If you have already passed a section, the eighteen-month time clock has begun ticking. Remember, candidates are allowed to sit for an exam section only once within each testing window. You don t have an unlimited amount of time to pass. Consider asking relatives for assistance. You may find that
Controls on the level of stock held in the business are designed to achieve two things simultaneously: to reduce the costs of holding and managing stock, and to reduce the amount of nance tied up in stock. There are several types of cost of holding stock: the nancing of stock attracts interest charges; there are costs of storage, both in terms of physical space (rent, rates, insurance) and people to manage it (salaries); there are administration costs (salaries, data handling); there are risks associated with merchandise where stock value could erode rapidly; and there is the possibility of damage to and pilferage of stock (shrinkage). The object of stock control is to carry a level and range of stock that match requirements for lling orders, while having suf cient buffer stock until new
Attach and Import
Cannot see captions when playing a CD or DVD
Depending on your camera and the types of pictures (and videos) you imported, Windows Photo Gallery might open and display thumbnails of your pictures. However, the pictures aren t actually stored in Photo Gallery, so don t worry if you don t see them in Photo Gallery. The pictures are actually in your Pictures folder described under Using Your Pictures Folder later in this chapter.
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