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To make a pattern as understandable as possible, it is better
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To the Western observer, Chinese staff can appear somewhat hypochondriacal. Indeed, all over China, health is a major topic in everyday life, and exchanges range from small-talk to lengthy discussions about what ails the other party, peppered with health advice from anyone who feels competent in the matter (and that includes virtually everyone). Because the health system is organized somewhat differently, with hospitals being the rst point of contact, it is quite normal to hear statements such as I have a little bit of a sore throat and need to go the hospital something that would sound ludicrous in the United States. More hilarious and probably exasperating (if looked at from an employer point of view) anecdotes about the health obsession of some Chinese staff include a doctor s certi cate, con rming that the employee in question cannot come to work because the of ce environment contains too little oxygen, or other excuses. While disruptive employees will need to be disciplined, regular staff concerns may need to be addressed.
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When it comes time to purchase network interface cards, cables, and a hub, you ll need to decide on the speed you want. As with everything else in the computer industry, network speed costs money. However, in the case of networks, the cost differences are minor, while the speed differences are huge. The three possible speeds for Ethernet LANs are listed in Table 52.1.
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The demands of time and labor have made processed potato products widely used,and many forms are available. Many of these products are very good, and there is no doubt that they save time.However,for best quality,there is no substitute for fresh potatoes, if they are well prepared. 1. 2. Fresh, unprocessed. Peeled. Treated to prevent browning. Keep refrigerated (below 40 F/4 C) for ve to seven days.
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Searching your own network
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2 Getting Around in Windows XP
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Make Your Own Health Care Reform
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The Descent of the Watchers
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You can translate text electronically without using input languages. Copy-and-paste text from any language to a translator like Then copy-andpaste the translated text to any document.
Necrotic wounds (see Fig. 3.3)
As you begin to add plug-ins to Max, you may eventually want to see which plug-ins are installed and even disable certain plug-ins. Max includes tools to view installed plug-ins and to manage your current plug-ins.
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mazingly, some creatures don t appear to age. They grow chronologically older, of course, and they do die from predation, disease,
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