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This way, SWIFT had no part in the message authentication. As long as the authentication algorithm SWIFT chose was sound, none of their staff could forge a transaction. (The authentication algorithm used is supposed to be a trade secret; but because banks like their security mechanisms to be international standards, a natural place to look might be the algorithm described in ISO 8731 [657].) In this way, they got the worst of all possible worlds: the algorithm was fielded without the benefit of public analysis but got it later once it was expensive to change. (An attack was found on the ISO 8731 message authentication algorithm and published in [621], but the number of messages required to break it is too large for a practical attack on a typical system that is used prudently.) Although SWIFT itself was largely outside the trust perimeter for message authentication, it did provide a nonrepudiation service. Banks in each country sent their messages to a regional general processor (RGP), which logged them and forwarded them to SWIFT, which also logged them and sent them on to the recipient bank via the RGP in its country, which also logged them. The RGPs were generally run by different facilities management firms. Thus, a bank (or a crooked bank employee) wishing to dishonestly repudiate a done transaction or claim that one had been done when it hadn t would have to subvert not just SWIFT itself, but also two independent local contractors (in order to alter their log entries). Logs can be a powerful evidential resource, and are much easier for judges to understand than cryptography. Confidentiality depended on line encryption devices between the banks and the RGP node, and between these nodes and the main SWIFT processing sites. Key management was straightforward. Keys were hand-carried in EEPROM cartridges between the devices at either end of a leased line. In countries where confidentiality was illegal, these devices could be omitted without impairing the authenticity and nonrepudiation mechanisms.
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n CPU Time: Total number of seconds of CPU time this process has used since starting. The number will be doubled for dual-processor systems, quadrupled for systems with four processors. n CPU Usage: The amount of processor time, as a percent of the whole, this process has used since first started (the CPU column). n GDI Objects: The number of Graphics Device Interface objects used by this process, since starting, to display content on the screen. n Handle Count: The number of objects to which the process currently has handles. n I/O Other: Non-disk input/output calls made by the object since it started. Excludes file, network, and device operations. n I/O Other Bytes: The number of bytes transferred to devices since the process started. Excludes file, network, and device operations. n I/O Reads: The number of file, network, and device Read input/output operations since the process started. n I/O Read Bytes: The number of bytes transferred by Read file, network, and device input/output operations. n I/O Writes: The number of file, network, and device Write input/output operations since the process started. n I/O Write Bytes: The number of bytes transferred by Write file, network, and device input/output operations. n Memory Usage: The amount of memory blocks used by the process (also called the process s working set) since starting. n Memory Usage Delta: The change in memory usage since the last Task Manager update. n Non-paged Pool: The amount of physical RAM used by the process since starting. n Page Faults: The number of times the process has read data from virtual memory since starting. n Page Faults Delta: The change in the number of page faults since the last Task Manager update. n Paged Pool: The amount of system-allocated virtual memory that s been committed to the process by the operating system. n Peak Memory Usage: The largest amount of physical memory used by the process since it started. n PID (Process Identifier): A number assigned to the process at startup. The operating system accesses all processes by their numbers, not their names. Session ID: The Terminal Session ID that owns the process. Always zero unless Terminal Services n are in use on the network.
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switches. Trunks carry signaling as well as user information, although the signaling and the user data may go by different systems within the provider network. Classical telco trunks have been TDM or ATM. Classical data trunks have a wider range of transports. MPLS is likely to unify the data and voice worlds. MPLS itself runs today over classical data transports, but these transports are themselves evolving with new optical technologies. Where ATM might be used today, there is increasing use of POS, and continued movement to new frame formats even more tailored to optical transports. PPP over SONET is more efficient than ATM, but even PPP can be improved for greater efficiency. Some of the fields in the PPP header really have no purpose, other than to maintain compatibility with some datalink layer chips developed for LAP-B.
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Repairing and Removing Programs
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When Windows can t print a document, it alerts you through a Notification area message like the example shown in Figure 22-5. Before you assume the worst and delve into any major troubleshooting, check for some of the more common problems that cause such errors, as listed next. Figure 22-5: Notification message for a printing problem
Trading on News versus Monitoring News Rules to Remember
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