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Although an Access database can be used to drive an Internet site, this practice is not recommended. The Access Database Engine just can t hold up to hundreds of simultaneous requests, particularly when data is being modified in the database. Performance is sure to suffer, and database corruption is virtually guaranteed in such an environment. For any measure of scalability, something like SQL Server is best. And SharePoint is increasingly a viable data repository for Access applications, or, at the very least, portions of the data provided by an Access application. Using SharePoint Services and Access in tandem might allow adequate servicing of a small-scale Internet database, or perhaps a localized company or educational intranet.
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Among the Selection modifiers, the Volume Select modifier is unique. It selects subobjects based on the area defined by the modifier s gizmo. The Volume Select modifier selects all subobjects within the volume from a single object or from multiple objects. In the Parameters rollout for the Volume Select modifier, shown in Figure 12-9, you can specify whether subobjects selected within a given volume should be Object, Vertex, or Face subobjects. Any new selection can Replace, be Added to, or be Subtracted from the current selection. You can use the Invert option to select the subobjects outside of the current volume. You can also choose either a Window or Crossing Selection Type. Figure 12-9: The Volume Select parameters let you select using different shaped volumes.
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Modifying the Product Class
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Validation Rule and Validation Text
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In modern weapons, the solenoid safe locks have been superseded by prescribed action links, more recently renamed permissive action links (either way, PALs), which are used to protect most U.S. nuclear devices. (A summary of the open source information about PALs can be found in [92].) PAL development started in about 1961, but deployment was slow. Even 20 years later, about half the U.S. nuclear warheads in Europe still used the four-digit code locks. As more complex arming options were introduced, the codes increased in length from 4 to 6 and finally to 12 digits. Devices started to have multiple codes, with separate enable and authorize commands, and the capability to change codes in the field (presumably to recover from false alarms). The PAL system is supplemented by various coded switch systems and operational procedures; and in the case of weapons such as atomic demolition munitions, which are not complex enough for the PAL to be made inaccessible in the core of the device, the weapon is also stored in tamper-sensing containers called PAPS (for prescribed action protective system). Other mechanisms used to prevent accidental detonation include the deliberate weakening of critical parts of the detonator system, so that they will fail if exposed to certain abnormal environments. Whatever combination of systems is used, there are penalty mechanisms to deny a thief the ability to obtain a nuclear yield from a stolen weapon. These mechanisms vary from one weapon type to another, but include gas bottles to deform the pit and hydride the plutonium in it; shaped charges to destroy components, such as neutron generators and the tritium boost; and asymmetric detonation that results in plutonium dispersal rather than yield. It is always a priority to destroy the code. It is assumed that a renegade government prepared to deploy terrorists to steal a shipment of bombs would be prepared to sacrifice some of the bombs (and some technical personnel) to obtain a single serviceable weapon.
27: Using the Windows Application Programming Interface
When you select a Loft object and open the Modify panel, the Deformation rollout appears. This rollout includes five buttons that let you Scale, Twist, Teeter, Bevel, and Fit the crosssection shapes along the path. All five buttons open similar graph windows that include control points and a line that represents the amount of the effect to apply. Next to each button is a toggle button with a light switch on it. This button enables or disables the respective effect.
Playing with Pictures
Simple queueing
Spring controller
Security Engineering: A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems
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