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Understanding forward and inverse kinematics Using interactive and applied IK methods Setting thresholds in the IK panel of the Preference Settings dialog box Learning to work with the HI, HD, and IK Limb solvers
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Keep in mind that no matter how you handle auto-starting, options you choose in the Customize Notifications dialog box still apply. So, when you ve finished working with those notification icons, you may still want to right-click the clock and choose Customize Notifications. Or, get back the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties dialog box, choose Hide inactive icons from the Taskbar tab, and then click the Customize button to the right of that checkbox to further refine your notifications. Finally, not all programs that auto-start even have notification icons. As you ll see in the next section, you can configure just about any program that s installed on your computer to start automatically when Windows starts.
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When you insert a blank DVD and AutoPlay opens, one of your options is to Burn a DVD data disc using Windows Media Player. You can use that option to copy songs and other media files from Windows Media player to a DVD disk. Understand that a data disk is one that most likely won t play in a DVD player that s attached to a TV. But you can play songs and videos on the disk on any computer that has a DVD drive. So you can use the disk to back up things in your Media Player Library, as well as to play unprotected items on other computers. After you choose the option to burn a DVD data disc, you re taken to the Burn area in Windows Media Player. The rest is like making a custom audio CD for a stereo. Except that you re not limited to choosing songs. You can copy music, pictures, video, recorded TV, or any combination thereof. It s just a matter of choosing only as much stuff as will fit on the DVD. First you ll want to click Select a category at the left side of the toolbar (see Figure 32.15) and choose the kinds of files you want to copy. To add an item to the disk, just drag it from the center pane to the Burn List at the bottom right. When the Burn List contains all the items you want to put on the DVD, click Start Burn to copy the items to the DVD. FIGURE 32.15
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The Fear of Taxes
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a mathematical proof of this proposition, see for example, Merton and Perold (1993), p. 32. 374See Merton and Perold (1993), p. 29, footnote 29. For a discussion of the various methods to reallocate the difference (e.g., proportional scaling after diversification, using internal betas), see Kimball (1998), pp. 44 52. 375See Artzner et al. (1997) and (1999). 376They approach the problem, however, from the perspective of an exchange calculating margin requirement of single transactions. Here it is impossible and also not desired to view a single position in a portfolio context. 377A term first introduced by Artzner et al. (1997), p. 68. 378These are subadditivity, homogeneity, monotonicity, and a risk-free condition. For a detailed definition of these conditions see Artzner et al. (1997), pp. 68+. 379See, for example, Johanning (1998), p. 95, and Artzner et al. (1997), p. 68.
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The aggregates options can be divided into four distinct categories: Group By, Aggregate, Expression, and Query Criteria. Table 18.3 lists each category, its number of Total options, and its purpose.
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15 Using CDs and DVDs
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