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If in an open network ergodicity (A; < pi. mi) holds 1,. . . , N (the arrival rates Xi can be computed using the steady-state probability of the network can be product of the state probabilities of the individual (7.50)
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Red miso (see p. 660) Sugar Mirin (sweet Japanese rice wine)
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Fruit pie llings consist of fruits and fruit juices, sugar, spices, and a starch thickener.
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Choosing a theme
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Text describing table or query Values Datasheet, Pivot Table, or Pivot Chart Show all fields from the underlying tables in the query Number of highest or lowest values to be returned Return only unique field values Return only unique records
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Example 9.8 Consider a closed queueing network with two nodes and er = e2 = 1, K = 5, and the two intervals: Ipl = [l/
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The basic compiler/interpreter is called automatically for each method to be called that hasn t yet been compiled. At the method entry point within the metadata structure, the method call stub is stored, which, initially, points to the basic compiler/interpreter and calls it. Then, the pointer in the stub is replaced to a pointer to the JIT-compiled native code of the method, so that it would be called during the next call of the method. So, the rst call of a method takes longer than its other subsequent calls: The time of the rst call includes the time of JIT compilation of the method. This fact is especially important to make decisions on high-level optimizations of the method: The time of JIT compilation shouldn t be too long for the user to feel it. The compilation/recompilation controller tracks changes in the pro ling data and makes decisions on compiling some de nite methods with some de nite optimization level. The rst to be optimized are hot methods called maximal number of times, according to the pro ling data. Optimizing JIT compilation is performed in a separate thread, that is, in parallel to the program execution, not to hold the program. Until the moment when the optimizing JIT compiler has nished optimizing the compilation of the method, the old (nonoptimized) version of the method is executed. When optimizing JIT compilation is nished, the pointer to the optimized code is stored in the method execution stub, to enable the call of the optimized code during next calls of the method. The methods selected by the controller for compilation with high level of optimization are placed into the optimization queue and retrieved by the optimizing JIT compiler working in a separate thread (or several parallel threads, each running its copy of the optimizing JIT compiler). The pro ler controls collecting information on runtime behavior of the program. The initial version of nonoptimized code of each method contains speci c instructions injected by the pro ler to collect the necessary data (snapshots of the stack and of the registers). The collected pro ling data are stored in the pro ling data repository. The functioning of the pro ler is managed by the controller that makes the pro ling plan, in accordance with the current situation and with the options provided by the user. The most popular kinds of optimizations performed by JIT compilers are elimination of redundant assignments and inlining of hot methods. As for redundant assignments, most of them are caused by the architecture of virtual machines (JVM or CLR) that requires for all of the operands to get loaded onto the stack before operating them. Consider the following simple example in C#: class Count { public int div10000(int a)
Metric 4 kg 60 g, or as needed
Before we go further, we should de ne what we mean by return and risk, since these are critically important concepts to understand.
The network has a bottleneck. The number of jobs in the network is high.
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