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Part X
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Part II: Programming Microsoft Access
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static CLongRunningCalculation* NewL(); TBool StartTask(); // Initialization before starting the task TBool DoTaskStep(); // Performs a short task step void EndTask(); // Destroys intermediate data ... }; TBool CLongRunningCalculation::DoTaskStep() {// Do a short task step, returning // ETrue if there is more of the task to do // EFalse if the task is complete ... // Omitted for clarity } class CBackgroundRecalc : public CActive { public: ... // NewL(), destructor etc are omitted for clarity public: void PerformRecalculation(TRequestStatus& aStatus); protected: CBackgroundRecalc(); void ConstructL(); void Complete(); virtual void RunL(); virtual void DoCancel(); private: CLongRunningCalculation* iCalc; TBool iMoreToDo; TRequestStatus* iCallerStatus; // To notify caller on completion }; CBackgroundRecalc::CBackgroundRecalc() : CActive(EPriorityIdle) // Low priority task { CActiveScheduler::Add(this); } // Issues a request to initiate a lengthy task void CBackgroundRecalc::PerformRecalculation(TRequestStatus& aStatus) { iCallerStatus = &aStatus; *iCallerStatus = KRequestPending; _LIT(KExPanic, "CActiveExample"); __ASSERT_DEBUG(!IsActive(), User::Panic(KExPanic, KErrInUse)); iMoreToDo = iCalc->StartTask(); // iCalc initializes the task Complete(); // Self-completion to generate an event } void CBackgroundRecalc::Complete() {// Generates an event on itself by completing on iStatus TRequestStatus* status = &iStatus; User::RequestComplete(status, KErrNone); SetActive(); } // Performs the background task in increments void CBackgroundRecalc::RunL()
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(f) Press down between the mounds of lling to seal the layers of pasta together. Try to remove air bubbles from between the layers.
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Application options
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Full BC commitment + Developer SDK published
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To enter a field name, position the pointer in the first row of the Table Design window under the Field Name column. Then type a valid field name, observing these rules:
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Managing Analysts
3. Click New because no DSN yet exists.
Wrap Up
Datasheet Formatting button
7.2.5 Lack of Knowledge on New Technologies
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