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he global outsourcing race is on. If you are not outsourcing, your company may not survive. Your competition is earning points ahead of your market share and everything that goes with it. Harvard Business Review identi ed outsourcing as one of the most important management ideas and practices of the past 75 years. 1 The ability for companies to achieve high-quality results at a lower cost while also reducing head count would most likely have been considered a business revolution some time ago. At the macro level, the process is triggered by competing forces engaging in outsourcing. Simply by not engaging in it, you are losing out because others are getting into it. The concept of outsourcing is not rocket science. It is simply about sourcing the most quali ed talent at the most effective rates. It allows you to focus on what you do best your core business. Do what you do best let some tech nerds do their thing. Cost is part of the equation, but more so than that is the amount of tech talent. Technology is moving fast; it is hard for people to stay current unless they are constantly learning. Western-educated people have a tendency to get bored easily with perceived low-end programming jobs. This allows both outsourcing rms and their clients to tap into markets where it is easier to structure teams of various sizes in day or night shifts. Outsourcing is more than just a business process it is also a matter of face (a very Asian concept). Potential outsourcing customers ask questions like What are your capabilities in India China is clearly a better choice, but it is still a very novel concept that started to appear in 2003. We will spend a bit more time on that later.
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Very often, when you re using the overlapping windows user interface in Access, a report opened in Print Preview will be obscured by forms that are open on the screen. The easiest way to prevent forms from getting in the way during Print Preview is to simply hide them as the report opens, and then reveal them when the report is closed. The RunReport() function opens a report for previewing and hides all open forms during Print Preview. To restore the forms after previewing the report, set the report s OnClose property to =MakeFormsVisible(-1).
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Dealing with Error Messages
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Part III Managing Files and Folders
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As an example of adding sound to an animation, we work with a hyper pogo stick and synchronize its animation to a sound clip. To synchronize an animation to a sound clip, follow these steps: 1. Open the Hyper pogo stick with sound.max file from the Chap 34 directory on the DVD. 2. In the Track View Dope Sheet window, right-click one of the sound tracks and select Properties from the pop-up menu to open the Sound Options dialog box. In this dialog box, click the Choose Sound button. Then locate the boing.wav file from the Chap 34 directory on the DVD, and click OK. Make sure the Active option is selected. The sound file appears as a waveform in the Track View, as shown in Figure 34-31.
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Optimists Give Thanks for Gratitude
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Clicking the Change Scope button lets you define the addresses from which any unsolicited traffic is expected to originate. For example, if you re using a program that provides communications among programs within your local network only, you wouldn t want to accept unsolicited traffic coming to that port from the Internet. You d only want to accept unsolicited traffic coming from computers within your own network. When you click the Change Scope button, you see the options shown in Figure 7.9. Your options are as follows:
FIGURE 26.13
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To calculate the unexpected loss contribution211 ULCi of a single loan i analytically, we first need to determine the marginal impact of the inclusion of this loan on the overall credit portfolio risk. This is done by taking the first partial derivative of the portfolio UL with respect to ULi (for loan i): UL P UL P = ULMC i UL i UL i 1 = 2UL P
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