Imagine that you ve worked for weeks to create and animate a character, and you finally have it just right. Wouldn t it be nice if you could save that character as a separate file and load it into a different scene Well, now you can. Characters can be unique, portable objects in Max. These objects are created using the Character Create Character menu command. Characters are identified with a unique icon that is the head of the entire character hierarchy. This icon is called a node. The icon itself is a simple 2D disc with a simple human figure on it. You can control the size (radius) of the character icon with the Icon Size value in the Display rollout, but increasing the icon s size has no effect on the character. When a character is created, all the objects included in the character automatically become children objects of the Character node with the character icon acting as the parent object. Selecting the icon selects the parent object, and double-clicking the icon selects the entire character and all its objects. The position of the character icon also defines the starting position of the character. Moving the character icon moves the entire character. Figure 39-11 shows the Futuristic man object after it has been converted into a character. The character icon is selected and looks like a hula hoop around the character s waist.
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Truth #41: Stretch Your Humor Muscles Daily
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Collect equipment and food items. Use the freshest Grade AA eggs whenever possible for best results. These maintain their shape best because the yolks and whites are rm. If eggs are not very fresh, add 1 teaspoon salt and 2 teaspoons distilled vinegar per quart of water (5 mL salt and 10 mL vinegar per liter). The vinegar helps coagulate the egg white faster so it keeps a better shape. Vinegar is not necessary if very fresh eggs are used. Omit in this case because whites will be tougher and not as shiny if cooked with vinegar. Bring water to a simmer. If water is boiling, eggs will toughen and may be broken up by the agitation. If water is not hot enough, eggs will not cook quickly enough and will spread.
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lishing Corporation, Milwaukee]
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Getting Around
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icon under Available Devices, you can leave all other settings as they are and click the Next button. However, if you don t see the video and hear the sound when you get to the Capture Video page, you may need to try other options in the Audio Device, Audio Input Source, and Video Input Source dialog boxes.
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Productivity Trumps Quality and for Good Reason!
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1. Open a new query in Design view based on tblCustomers and add the FirstName, LastName, and State fields to the QBE pane. 2. Click the Criteria cell for State field. 3. Type NY in the cell.
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Output Qty Rate/LABHR $ 1.46 $
Understanding icons in the Notification area Starting, and preventing, auto-start in the Notification area Making any program start automatically Using the Services snapin (for professionals)
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