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Signed by a testing and certi cation program such as Symbian Signed, if it requires capabilities which cannot be granted by the user (or if the developer wishes to increase user con dence in the application by having it tested and signed by a certi cation authority to remove the warning that the SIS le is from an untrusted source ). To self-sign the SIS le, a developer can use the PC-based Makekeys tool to create a digital certi cate and private key. The tool can also be used to generate a PKCS#10 certi cate request which can be sent to a trusted authority to be signed. However, most developers taking this option will not use Makekeys to generate a certi cate, but will instead apply to Symbian Signed for a developer certi cate, which will be used as described below for signing installation les for test purposes. A SIS installation le can be signed using the PC-based SignSIS tool, which takes the SIS le as input along with a certi cate and a private key. However, for convenience, Symbian also provides a tool called CreateSIS which is a wrapper around Makekeys, MakeSIS and SignSIS to facilitate the generation and signing of SIS les. The developer may supply a key/certi cate pair with which to sign the le, otherwise the tool generates a self-signed certi cate and matching key for this purpose.
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Troubleshooting installation and removal Troubleshooting programs Researching application errors
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5 Menus, Recipes, and Cost Management
Projected stock price Increase earnings guidance Increase dividend
Under the Content tab, click the Plus Sign (+) button to add a menu item, and then enter the name of the first link you want to have appear on the pop-up menu. Tab once to move the cursor to the next text box over. In this text box, enter the URL for this menu item. If you want the linked URL to open up in a new browser window, tab over once more and choose _blank from the list. Click Next to move to the next tab. Under the Appearance tab, you can determine what you want your menu to look like. You have options for creating the menu in HTML or as images, and vertical or horizontal. In this step you can determine the typeface and size and the background and text color of the on and off states. Refer to Figure 32.4 to see what I did. Click Next to move to the next tab.
Tomkins,W.F., 302 Tomsen, S., 236, 237, 238, 240 Tones, K., 330 Tonigan, J.S., 25, 113, 118, 128, 129, 184, 185, 186, 187 Tremblay, J., 16 Treno, A.J., 216, 242, 271, 325, 332, 335, 336 Tri eman, E.G., 150 Trimpey, J., 179 Troughton, E., 151 Trumbetta, S.L., 148 Tsai, G., 60 Tsuang, J.W., 38 Tucker, J.A., 22, 162, 165, 169 Turner, N.E., 94, 96 Turner, R.W., 150 Ullman, J.B., 311 Ulmer, R., 274 Upfold, D.N., 29 Utada, A., 29 Vaidya, S.G., 347 Vaillant, G.E., 72, 165 van Iwaarden, M.J., 341 Vingilis, E., 267 Vinson, D.C., 37 Voas, R.B., 258, 261, 264, 265, 266, 268, 269, 270, 272, 273, 274, 275, 276 Volpicelli, J.R., 58, 59 Waahlberg, R.B., 302 Wagenaar, A., 221, 258, 262, 292, 294 Waldorf, D., 164 Waldron, H.B., 29 Wallace, P., 127, 129, 130 Wallack, L., 260, 302, 323, 324, 330, 331, 332, 341, 346 Waller, J.A., 274 Walsh, B., 243, 340 Walsh, D., 200 Walter, H., 61 Wang, M.C., 102 Watson, J., 302, 304, 305 Watson, R.T., 344 Watts, R.K., 222 Weatherburn, D., 223 Wechsler, H., 206 Wedel, M., 239 Wehl, C.K., 150 Weingardt, K.R., 12 Weinrieb, R.M., 14 Weisner, C., 184 Weiss, R.D., 16 Wells, J.E., 128 Wells, J.K., 266
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