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Playing music in Media Center.
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Characteristically Varying Flows
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Thomas Erickson. Interaction pattern languages: UPA 98 A Zingua fianca for interaction design Usability Professionals Association Conference (invited talk), Washington, DC, June 24, 1998.
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Figure 4.18 Second-order system poles with zero damping the frequency response analysis method where we substitute s = j (or D = j in the transfer function. Residues at complex conjugate poles A A typically take the form 2j and 2j where the residues A and A are conjugates. Therefore the general expression for the impulse response of a complex conjugate pair will be of the form: F s = 1 A 2j 1 s+ j 1 A 2j 1 s+ +j
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If you want to add more-complex parameters, such as a range of dates, use an expression such as Between [Enter the Start Date] and [Enter the End Date] as a criteria in a date field. This would display two separate parameter dialog boxes and then filter the date value appropriately.
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A primary key is created by opening a table in Design view, selecting the field (or fields) that you want to use as a primary key, and clicking the Primary Key button on the toolbar (the button with the key on it). If you re specifying more than one field to create a composite key, hold down the Ctrl key while using the mouse to select the fields before clicking on the Primary Key toolbar button.
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35: Deploying Access Applications to SharePoint
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Figure 23-6: The Specular Highlight graph for the Blinn and Anisotropic shaders Figure 23-7 shows several materials with the Anisotropic shader applied. The first three images have Anisotropic values of 30, 60, and 90, and the last two images have Orientation values of 30 and 60.
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Adding a program exception
A Recordset is a collection of data retrieved from your database. Figure 42.3 illustrates how you can create a specific query that narrows down the retrieved data for your Recordset. In this example, the Recordset is to be filtered by the Zip column. Open the Server Behaviors panel. Click the Plus Sign (+) button and choose Recordset Query. The Recordset dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 42.3. If this option is not available, follow the instructions in the Bindings panel on how to create a Connection. Enter a name for your Recordset. Dreamweaver rejects spaces and special characters, so enter a word or alphanumeric string.
VPNs of practical use will have one or more optional capabilities in addition to the core set. Not all VPNs will need every capability. Depending on the pundit to whom you are speaking, the Utterly Essential Characteristics of VPNs fall into the matrix shown in Table 8.3. Vendors defining products can prepare feature checklists against this section, with the perhaps idealistic hope that not all features are appropriate for every product, and that sheer number of features does not make one product better than another.
Yield: 1 pt (500 mL)
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