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all that knowledge you gained. If they see you ve done a good job, you ll have a receptive audience. If not, expect resistance. As you shape your talk, here are six tips for a compelling sales presentation.
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Gross pro t margins for the year ahead may not be known, particularly if some combination of new products, new markets, new production processes and new sources of supply is being introduced, all of which could change existing gross pro t margins. So calculating the breakeven will involve making estimates of: Selling price of a basic or standard sales unit. If selling prices are not known at this point, it is useful to refer to prices being charged by competitors.
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Portions: 12 Portion size: 6 oz (180 g)
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Tools of the Trade
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David Denby, Flesh and Blood, The New Yorker (May 15, 2000), 105. The verdict of another critic is even more devastating: Regarding the atomized feel of the movie s action scenes, digital editing certainly isn t the only culprit. Scott . . . has roots in television and commercials, so he s perhaps predisposed toward an overreliance on close-ups and cutting. But practically none of Gladiator s combat scenes have any sense of spatial integrity or character-to-character physical dynamics. With every urry of action accomplished via rapid- re editing, staccato jump cuts, fast motion and sound effects, you often can t quite tell who s doing what to whom. Though the immediate impact may be dazzling, the impression that lingers is hollow and mechanical. Quoted from Godfrey Cheshire, Fall of the Empire, Independent Weekly (Durham, North Carolina; May 3, 2000), at http://www. indyweek.com/gyrobase/Content oid=oid%3A14312.
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Achieving Escape Velocity
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Figure 4-3: Example of a ScreenTip Many programs offer Smart Tags. Although the tags don t usually provide helpful information, they do provide quick access to things people are likely to want to do at that moment in time. You have to click on the Smart Tag to see what it offers. As an example, Figure 4-4 shows the Smart Tag that appears when pasting text into Microsoft Word. The options let you choose how you want Word to treat that pasted text.
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Now let s proceed with the next phase of the compilation semantic analysis. We have already touched this topic before when discussing parser generators in 4. We have seen that a common approach to semantic analysis is syntax-directed, that is, tying semantic actions to syntax rules specifying the constructs of the source language. This chapter, in addition to basic concepts and overview of known techniques, covers our own view of semantic analysis, our ef cient semantic analysis algorithms we implemented for Sun Pascal compiler in the 1990s, patented by four U.S. patents [25,61 63], and our methods invented and implemented before, in the 1970s 1980s, in Pascal and CLU compilers for Elbrus computers [2]. Our semantic analysis algorithms described in this chapter are proven to be faster than those offered by classical compiler textbooks [5]. Detailed analysis and comparison is provided.
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The Firewall and Network Connections
Aspic Powder
To measure your brand s equity, the gurus say, you should develop an Internet, face-to-face, or mailed questionnaire with three to ve questions for each factor. You ask respondents to rate your brand against that of several of your competitors on these questions. No, they do not tell you what these questions should be, although we suspect they would be willing to do so if you paid them large consulting fees. Clancy and Krieg explain that once you have the results of your survey, brand equity scores for your brand and those of your competitors can be calculated as follows:
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