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In the input grammar de nition language of our tool, the constructs to be parsed by a method different from the basic one are marked by a special keyword in the input grammar. In further versions, automatic selection of parsing techniques will be implemented. Another important point is the error recovery mechanisms to be used, as follows:
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Pasta, Noodles, and Dumplings
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This chapter examines the relationships between tables in an Access database, and how you normalize the data for the best performance. I also covered the important topic of ensuring data security through the built-in integrity rules that are enforced by the Jet database engine. Most Access databases are built without adequate safeguards; make sure your database applications provide adequate protection for your user s data. You re now ready to begin exploring using all that data. The next chapter takes on the challenging topic of constructing powerful, useful queries that return the data in a variety of ways. As you ll
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Modi ed straight dough method: 1. Scald milk. Cool to lukewarm. Dissolve yeast in milk. 2. Mix butter, sugar, salt, and spice until smooth, using paddle. Beat in eggs and yolks. 3. Add liquid (from step 1) and our. With dough arm, mix 3 4 minutes on 2nd speed. 4. Rest in retarder 20 30 minutes. 5. Roll in remaining butter and give 3 three-folds, as shown in Figure 30.3. brcode 128
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Action Argument
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A client/server environment is typically used to service a single company, using a local area network (LAN), or sometimes a wide area network (WAN), where many, many client computers communicate with a single server computer. The server computer, quite literally, serves up information and services. The client computer consumes information provided by the server computer. Of course, there is a two-way interaction between the client computer and the server computer, such that client computers can also send information back to server computers. The classic example of client/server computing is the relationship between your computer and a Web server handling requests for a Web page. Your computer and its Web browser are the client. The Web server hosting the Web page is the server. You don t need to know anything about the Web server, its location, the server software it s running, or anything else, to use the Web page. Even if a software add-in is required to display or run a particular Web page, most often the add-in installation occurs automatically. In this scenario, the Web server is responsible for retrieving the HTML, images, and other resources required by the Web page, and your Web browser is responsible for rendering the HTML into the page you see on the screen. The Web browser is also responsible for accepting your input (mouse clicks, keyboard entry, and so on) and transmitting the input to the Web server. Very often, as in this case, the client is an active participant, and runs executable code on the client machine. In the case of a Web browser, the code might include JavaScript or VBScript embedded on the page, ActiveX controls included in the page s display, or other controls such as Flash Player. From the perspective of browsing a Web page, the Internet is nothing more than a wide-area network connecting computers through the TCP/IP networking protocol. Each computer running a Web browser is a client connecting to resources provided by Web servers. Most often, very little data is stored on the client computers, while vast amounts of data may be kept on the Web servers. The primary purpose of the Web browser application running on the client computers is to provide an interface to the data provided by the Web servers. In an Access environment, client/server architecture includes environments where an Access database communicates with a server database engine (usually Microsoft SQL Server) running on a remote server computer, or even running on the same computer as Access.
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1. Cut the meat into cubes small enough to t into the grinder. Chill the meat thoroughly. 2. Grind once with the medium die. 3. Mix the salt and spices with the cold water. Add to the ground meat and mix thoroughly by hand. 4. Stuff into hog casings.
Public Sub Open_ADO_Recordset2() Dim rs As ADODB.Recordset Set rs = New ADODB.Recordset rs.ActiveConnection = CurrentProject.Connection rs.Open SELECT * FROM tblCustomers Debug.Print rs.GetString rs.Close Set rs = Nothing End Sub
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