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The precise relationship between wound healing and nutrition remains uncertain (Williams & Barbul, 2003). There is increasing evidence that nutritional de cit impairs healing, such as the study by Wissing et al. (2001) which followed up patients with leg ulceration identi ed in a previous study. Those patients whose ulcers were still open had signi cantly lower nutritional status compared with those whose ulcers had healed. A number of other studies have identi ed the impact of malnutrition on the healing of surgical wounds, burns and pressure ulcers (Andel et al., 2003; Haydock & Hill, 1986; Mathus-Vliegen, 2004). The importance of nutrition in relation to pressure ulcer prevention and management is highlighted by the development of nutrition guidelines by the European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (EPUAP, 2003). Malnutrition is a pathological state that results from a relative or absolute de ciency or excess of one or more essential nutrients. As protein or carbohydrates are used in the largest quantities, they are usually the de cient nutrients. This is referred to as protein energy malnutrition or PEM. In her Notes on Nursing, What it is and What it is Not, Florence Nightingale (1974) said: Every careful observer of the sick will agree in this, that thousands of patients are annually starved in the midst of plenty, from want of attention to the ways which alone make it possible for them to take food . More than a century later this statement is still true. McWhirter and Pennington (1994) assessed the nutri-
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Transfer the cooked carrots to the bowl of a food processor or a food mill. Pur e until smooth. Place back on the heat to remove any excess moisture. Mix in 3 4 oz (100 g) butter (monter au beurre). Adjust the seasoning.
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FIGURE 33.15
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If you lose your entire hard disk and need to replace it, use the following procedure to restore from your CompletePC backup. It s important to remember this is an all-or-none recovery. You cannot use this method to restore specific folders or files:
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s;i = 0.1, cl!21= 0.0, cl!22= 1.0 N = 3,
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Since internal orders can be used for almost any application, planning and budgeting capabilities must be robust in order to accommodate every need. Planning capabilities support both overall (high-level) to very detailed planning. Unit cost planning, which is similar to a bill of materials and resources, is also supported when utilizing internal orders. In this instance, internal orders function more like production/service orders. Internal order planning is completely integrated with other organizational plans, such as cost center and profit center planning, as well as with financial special ledger planning.
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Frame Relay and ATM New Local Transports MPLS/BGP Virtual Transport Service VPN Examples Host-Centric Site-Oriented VPN Provider Core with MPLS Hybrid VPN References Index
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Allowing remote connections on a home network
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Ingredients Olive oil Lemon juice Chopped parsley Salt Haddock llets, cut into 5-oz (150-g) portions Crushed black peppercorns Salt Olive oil Garlic Mashed Potatoes (p. 589)
S60 Smartphone Quality Assurance: A Guide for Mobile Engineers and Developers
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