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changes your life. You can know that all life forms are connected, for example, but to fully realize that fact, to experience it between yourself and everything around you, can awaken aspects of the world you never imagined. The same goes for other truisms, such as life is short or we could die any time. My dark period of fear spun me face-to-face with these latter two, and the period is not over yet. Even now as I am writing, if I halt all motion, I can sometimes feel my nerves pulsing, lightly there in the background, held at bay or masked by an anti-convulsant drug I take to counter presumed brain damage that never healed. The pulsing reminds me of the dangers in the world, of the nearness of death, which is no longer a grating insistence, just a gently rocking reminder.
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Increasing the Skills of the Knowledge Workforce
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Watching DVDs
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The more food placed in a microwave at once, the longer the cooking time.Thus, the primary advantage of microwave cooking speed is lost with large roasts and other large quantities.
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TIP FrameStuffer is written in JavaScript, so its source is totally open to customization. For example, its documentation explains how to use FrameStuffer to jump to an anchor by modifying its code. It also suggests code changes to ensure better compatibility with Dreamweaver templates. For more information, refer to FrameStuffer Help.
In this section we show how to modify the summation method, the mean value analysis, and the SCAT algorithm to deal with asymmetric nodes[BoRo94] as introduced in Section 9.1.2.
Figure 14-19: The Cross Section feature of Editable Splines can create splines that run between several cross-section shapes.
Ideally, the computational model is automatically generated from a highlevel description based on a formal and well-understood approach such as GSPNs or SRNs. In this case, verification is implicitly provided through the proven correctness and completeness of the techniques and tools employed. In practice, heuristics are often applied and, even worse, model generation is carried out manually. In this case, verification of the correctness of the computational model with respect to a given high-level description is of importance. But because approximations are often used, correctness is not given by a one-to-one relation between computational model and high-level description. Thus errors incurred need to be explicitly specified or bounded. Note that the distinction between a high-level description and a computational model may sometimes be conceptual when the two representations coincide. Both the issues of model generation and analytical/numerical solution methods are the main topics of this book. Once computational results have been produced, they need to be validated against data collected through measurements, if available, and against system requirements. The validation results are used for modification of the existing (high-level) model or for a proof of its validity. Of course, many iterations may be required for this important task. Note that a change in the model might ultimately result in a change in the system design. There is a strong relation between measurements and modeling. Measurement data are to be used for model validation. Furthermore, model parumeterixution relies heavily on input from measurement results. In case of a system design where the computer system does not yet exist, input usually comes from measurements of earlier studies on similar systems. Conversely, measurement studies are better planned and executed if guided by a model and by requirements placed on the computer system to be measured. In prac-
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