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ISP 1 BGP 1 Customer BGP 1 ASBR 1 ISP 1 BGP 2 Customer BGP 2 ASBR 2
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Creating and Deleting Shortcuts
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ou can install and use multiple operating systems on a single PC in a couple of ways. One method, called dual booting, involves installing each operating system on its own hard disk partition. You can use the Disk Management tool described in 47, or a third-party program like Partition Magic to create the partitions. But either way, you risk losing everything on your hard disk, so you must make backups first. If you re not a hard disk or computer expert, you might seriously consider having multiple operating systems installed professionally rather than trying to do it yourself.
Lehrstuhl Informatik 3 (Softwaretechnik), RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, Germany
Ingredients Salt pork Onion, medium dice Carrots, medium dice Tomatoes, canned or fresh, coarsely chopped Tomato pur e, canned Ham bones or browned pork bones Sachet: Garlic, crushed Bay leaf Dried thyme Dried rosemary Peppercorns, crushed Salt Sugar 1. 2. 3.
Examine the code in the following listing to see how named arguments work:
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