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Exhibit 7.10
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11: Defect Analysis
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If you ve configured Windows with multiple user accounts, the next step is to decide for which users the program should auto-start. You can make the program start automatically for all users. Or, you can make it auto-start for just yourself, or only some users. The procedure is basically the same. It s more a matter of where you place the shortcut icon. We ll start with the example of making a program auto-start for all users.
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While your screen looks like a smooth picture from where you re sitting, it s actually a collection of tiny lighted dots called pixels. The resolution of your screen determines how many pixels are visible, expressed as the number of pixels across the screen, and the number of pixels down. You can also choose a color depth, which determines the number of colors your screen can show. To choose a screen resolution or color depth, click the Settings tab in the Display Properties dialog box. Use the Screen Resolution slider (see Figure 6-5) to adjust the resolution. With Windows XP, a minimum of 800 600 pixels is recommended, though you ll be able to get more stuff on the screen at a higher resolution, such as 1024 768. Be aware, however, that the higher the resolution, the smaller everything will look on your screen. Your best bet is to try both 800 600 and 1024 768 and to stick with whichever is most comfortable for your eyes.
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SQL Server 2008 Express Edition is a 32-bit application. It runs in a 32-bit process space when run on 64-bit operating systems. Table A.6 includes the specifications for SQL Server 2008 Express Edition only. The other SQL Server 2008 editions are similar in most regards, with the exception of maximum database size. Also, there are some differences in limits between the 32- and 64-bit versions of SQL Server 2008. These variations make it difficult to include every limit for every edition of SQL Server 2008.
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CrossReference 22, Exploring the Material Editor, covers the Material/Map Navigator in more detail.
MSW guides the customer programs in implementing uniform and easy to manage and maintain applications and solutions for speci c markets. Coding style can be de ned as the way that the programmer brings clarity, maintainability, testability, reliability and ef ciency to the code of a module. This de nition sets the objectives of good programming style, but what it does not do is to de ne whether a piece of software is good or bad style. No matter how perfect the software design is, the nal product will be expensive to maintain and test if its implementation, the code, is of poor quality. Some of the following principles are very general and therefore applicable to all software projects. Equally, they should be considered in a S60 based phone prior in order to get a ne product out as planned. Reusability. Avoid rewriting and copying verbatim code written by someone else. If you feel the need for a common module, communicate this to the whole team. In this way, the code size and ROM consumption can be reduced, which leads to cost savings in hardware and production time. Maintainability. One of the good qualities of good code is that it is understandable and easy to read. Sometimes the original programmer has moved to a new job and the maintainer has no history with the implementation. Modularity, Encapsulation and Information Hiding. If the code of a module becomes very long and complex, whether the functionality should be re-organized should be checked. Constant monitoring of the module sizes could be worth doing, especially in the most critical areas. Assumptions about the user of the code. The implementation should be done so that it can protect itself from possible misuses. As a minimum, documenting all restrictions is necessary if they cannot all be implemented.
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you do so, always be sure to give your colleagues options for counteracting the bad news. THE TECHNOLOGY ADVANTAGE As you ve no doubt noticed, there has been a revolution in communications technology over the past decade or so. While communication within and between organizations was once limited to telephone calls, letters sent through the mail, and the occasional telegram or cablegram, today there is an amazing array of technology available for anyone who wants to use communications to his or her advantage. From fax machines, to voice mail and e-mail, to mobile phones and pagers and much, much more staying in touch with business associates is easier and less expensive than ever. And the right communications technology really can make a big difference in the success of organizations, especially small businesses. Why Because small businesses are typically able to adopt and take advantage of emerging communications technology more quickly than can large businesses. Before committing to a major platform change that could cost many thousands or even millions of dollars, large businesses understandably want to be sure that the platform is stable first. This gives small businesses an opening that many of them are all too happy to fill. But, at the same time, the example of how small businesses are able to leverage emerging communications technologies to their advantage offers lessons that any organization can benefit from, including these: Emulate small businesses by implementing new technologies more rapidly and effectively than the competition. Create electronic links to other businesses. Use electronic bulletin boards and online data services to gain access to more market data and business opportunities, allowing your organization to quickly attack new opportunities.
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