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Step #1: Developing the Value Proposition Differentiation
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Within the Setup rollout of the Crowd object is a New button that lets you add new behaviors that can be used with the crowd system. All behaviors that are added to the crowd system appear in a drop-down list. By typing a new name in the list, you can name each behavior. The available behaviors include the following: Avoid: Prevents collisions between scene objects and other delegates. Orientation: Controls the direction in which the delegates face. Path Follow: Forces delegates to move only along a designated path. Repel: Forces delegates to move away from a target object.
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Griddles are at, smooth, heated surfaces on which food is cooked directly. Pancakes, French toast, hamburgers and other meats, eggs, and potato items are the foods most frequently cooked on a griddle. Griddles are available as separate units or as part of a rangetop. Clean griddle surfaces after every use so they will cook at peak ef ciency. Polish with a griddle stone or griddle cloth until the surface shines. Follow the grain of the metal to avoid scratching. Condition griddles after each cleaning or before each use to create a nonstick surface and to prevent rusting. Procedure: Spread a thin film of oil over the surface and heat to 400 F (200 C).Wipe clean and repeat until griddle has a smooth,nonstick nish.
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his chapter continues the discussion of starchy foods. The previous chapter focuses on a fresh vegetable, the potato, one of the most important starches on European and North American menus. This chapter, by contrast, discusses preparations based on dried foods: legumes and grains. For most of human history and prehistory grains have been the most important source of nutrients and calories to sustain life, and this remains true today in many parts of the world. For example, in parts of Asia, rice is eaten at nearly every meal. In Japan, the standard words for breakfast, lunch, and dinner can be translated as morning rice, noon rice, and evening rice. In many regions, dried beans, eaten together with rice, are a more common source of protein than meat or sh. Dried legumes are actually matured, dried versions of some of the fresh vegetables discussed in earlier chapters and are not immediately thought of as starches. However, they do have a high starch content and, because of their dried nature, are handled much like grains. Pastas and noodles are important starchy foods made from grains, usually wheat, but also rice and other grains. In this chapter we look primarily at the noodle products inherited from Italian cuisine, but we also learn about noodles from other cuisines.
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On-the-fly elimination
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Cooking Methods
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19: Advanced Access Form Techniques
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Making the most of pictures
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Organizations that wish to start business operations in a country where they have no existing base. Getting a partner (service provider) with an extensive local network to set up operations will reduce the risk of venturing into the new country, but it is not advisable in a relationship-heavy market like China. Organizations that have no prior expertise in a given process, and want to pool specialized and dedicated resources to execute that process. Partnering with a service provider who has mature processes in place allows the organization to bene t from expertise and knowledge. It is also not advisable in a relationship-heavy market like China.
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his is an exciting time to begin a career in food service. Interest in dining and curiosity about new foods are greater than ever. More new restaurants open every year. Many restaurants are busy every night, and restaurant chains number among the nation s largest corporations. The chef, once considered a domestic servant, is now respected as an artist and skilled craftsperson. The growth of the food service industry creates a demand for thousands of skilled people every year. Many people are attracted by a career that is challenging and exciting and, above all, provides the chance to nd real satisfaction in doing a job well. Unfortunately, many people see only the glamorous side of food service and fail to understand that this is a tiny part of the picture. The public does not often see the years of training, the long hours, and the tremendous pressures that lie behind every success. Before you start your practical studies, covered in later chapters, it is good to know a little about the profession you are entering. This chapter gives you a brief overview of modern food service, including how it got to where it is today and where it is headed.
ters a nursing home, the other can continue to live in the home and keep other income and assets. They use the reverse mortgage proceeds to pay for the long-term care. After both spouses pass away, the loan payments are due. The children or other heirs can convert the reverse mortgage into a regular mortgage. Or the house can be sold and the proceeds used to pay the loan. Reverse mortgages used to have a bad reputation. But now there are reverse mortgages backed by Fannie Mae and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Greater disclosure of costs is required. HUD also requires prospective borrowers to meet with counselors to review the full cost and consequences. Reverse mortgages are expensive and are not recommended until the owners are in their late 70s and after they have exhausted other financial options. A reverse mortgage is not for a younger person or couple. And it is not for someone who wants to leave the home equity to the children. The average reverse mortgage borrower is a single woman in her late seventies. In addition, there might not be enough equity in the home to cover the needed long-term care.
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