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The Select Case statement in the error handler uses Err.Number to execute any of a number of responses to the error. The beauty of Select Case is that the error-handling code can be extended as far as necessary. There is no practical limit on the number of Case statements that can be contained within the Select Case construct, and multiple Err.Number values can be handled by a single Case statement. In each Case construct, you choose whether to include the Resume ExitHere statement. For instance, perhaps Case 456 fixes the problem, and you really want the code to return to the statement that caused the error so that it can be executed a second time. In this case, rather than Resume ExitHere, use a simple Resume statement with no target label. Resume instructs VBA to go back to the statement that caused the problem and execute it again. (The different forms of the Resume statement are discussed in the VBA Resume statements section, later in this chapter.)
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Tip You can create playlists of any length, for any occasion. To make it easy to identify your CDburning playlists, consider putting CD somewhere in the playlist name.
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Availability, Security, and Quality of Service
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Make charitable gifts through an IRA. Few people realize an IRA is a better way to make charitable gifts than a will. An IRA is included in the taxable estate and is potentially subject to estate taxes. In addition, when the beneficiary takes distributions from the IRA, the distributions are taxed as ordinary income. That means the IRA is taxed twice. The after-tax cash that flows to the beneficiary from an inherited IRA could be a fairly low percentage of the beginning value. When someone inherits non-IRA assets, the receipt of those assets is tax free, and the tax basis usually is increased to current fair market value. The assets might have been subject to the estate tax, but they can be sold free of income and capital gains taxes. When a charity receives a distribution from an IRA, there are no income taxes on the distribution because the charity is tax exempt. The charity gets the benefit of the entire distribution. The IRA still is included in the owner s estate. The estate, however, gets a charitable deduction for the portion of the IRA that goes to the charity, so the IRA faces no taxes when a charity is named the beneficiary. The charity is indifferent to whether it inherits IRA or non-IRA assets. The rest of the estate s beneficiaries, however, probably are better off inheriting non-IRA assets and letting the charity benefit from the IRA. Revised IRS regulations make this strategy easier to use. A charity and one or more individuals can be named as co-beneficiaries of an IRA. If the charity s share is distributed to it before required distributions must begin
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As added entertainment, Windows Media Player displays a visualization that changes in response to the music you re playing. There are many visualizations to choose from; feel free to try them out. Or for that matter, you can turn off the visualization altogether. Buttons above the visualization, shown in Figure 38-8 let you choose a visualization, maximize the visualization to fill Media Player s program window, and fill the entire screen with the visualization.
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What if I don t like Aero Glass
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1. In your message, click where you want to put the upper-left corner of the picture. 2. Choose Insert Picture form the menu bar, or click the Insert Picture toolbar button. 3. Click Browse, navigate to the folder that contains the picture, click the picture s icon, and then click Open. A Properties dialog box for the picture opens. 4. To place text to the left of neighboring text, set the Alignment property to Left. To put the picture to the right of the text, set the Alignment property to Right.
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refers to an individual s expectation concerning his/her capacity to cope effectively with a speci c situation or a particular task. As the duration of abstinence or moderation increases, clients have the experience of coping effectively with one high-risk situation after another. However, what happens if a client has not learned or cannot execute an effective coping response when exposed to a high-risk situation The RPT model predicts that failure to effectively cope with a high-risk situation is likely to create decreased self-ef cacy and possibly engender a sense of helplessness and powerlessness to cope with other life demands. As self-ef cacy decreases, clients are likely to focus more narrowly on the anticipated immediate positive effects of drinking, especially if they recall that alcohol helped them cope in the past. Attraction to the immediate grati cation of excessive drinking becomes dominant in a person s mind and the reality of the delayed negative effects of drinking fades. Research has demonstrated that positive outcome expectancies for the effects of alcohol are potent determinants of excessive use (Marlatt & Rohsenow, 1980). The combination of being unable or unwilling to cope effectively with a high-risk situation, combined with positive outcome expectancies for the effects of drinking, greatly increases the probability of an initial lapse or slip. After a lapse has been experienced, many clients may experience a further decrease in self-ef cacy coupled with the tendency to give up trying to cope and give in to further temptations to continue to drink. To account for this reaction to the transgression of an absolute rule, we have proposed a mechanism called the abstinence violation effect (AVE) which is termed the rule violation effect (RVE) when applied more broadly to moderation as a goal (Marlatt & Gordon, 1985). The AVE is characterized by two key factors: cognitive dissonance (a discrepancy between one s identity as an abstainer and one s current drinking behavior) and an attribution of the cause of the lapse to internal uncontrollable factors (blaming oneself for lack of willpower). The nal factor to be considered concerning the immediate determinants of relapse is the initial intoxicating effects of drinking alcohol experienced by the person following the lapse or slip. It is likely that the immediate outcome of drinking will be a high or euphoric state (positive reinforcement) or perhaps a reduction in any negative emotional or physical states (negative reinforcement). These initial effects of the lapse interact with the AVE to further increase the probability of relapse by priming the person to continue engaging in excessive drinking.
Identi cation: Water chestnuts are corms,or swollen underground stem bases,of
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