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by making it easier for lenders to match rates to credit risk for things such as a car or home. In the late 1990s, big banks started using standardized scoring systems that also decreased the risk for small business loans. This allows banks to bundle loans and sell them to investors on the secondary market. According to an SBA report in 2002, commercial banks supplied 57 percent of all credit outstanding to small business, with an overall loan balance of $484 billion. The percentage is not much lower for the fastest growing companies either: Among the Inc. 500 of 2003, half looked to banks for more capital. The preceding reports do not automatically mean the big banks are the best ones to work with. As the SBA s state-bystate reports (at point out, many state and regional banks work very hard to meet the needs of small business and are still tops in total dollars loaned to owners in specific areas. I can also attest to the dedication of a big bank like Bank of America, as I have spoken on their behalf around the country on many occasions. The bottom line is: There is more competition than ever for small business s banking dollars, which is certainly a net positive overall. The days when you had to go into a bank with your head down, hat in hand, asking for a loan are over provided you have done your homework. In August 2004, the NFIB found that only 6 percent of small business owners reported difficulty in obtaining financing. The banks want your business. Once you show evidence of profitable growth, it won t be difficult to get their attention. Encouraging Sign 3: The Government Increasingly Loves Small Business Whether you look at funding, manpower, or legislative attention, the government loves small business. As The Little Engine That Could quotes highlighted earlier, every politician
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_LIT(KTestLex, "54321"); TLex lex(KTestLex()); TInt value = 0; TInt err = lex.Val(value)); // value == 54321 if no error occurred
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Scale ingredients accurately. Have all ingredients at room temperature. Place all ingredients in mixer. With the paddle attachment, mix at low speed until uniformly blended. Scrape down the sides of the bowl as necessary.
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irtually all visual Web design programs have a tendency to litter your document with unnecessary code, as shown in Figure 8.1. It s the price you pay for the push-click convenience they offer. While usually harmless, junk code and empty tags can often cause unwanted white space, unpredictable formatting of images and text, as well as larger file sizes. This junk code doesn t contribute anything to your Web site, and it also makes your code harder to read. Unwanted code appears for a number of reasons. If you re editing formatted text and moving blocks of text around, you may unintentionally produce empty font tags or bold/italic tags. This is most likely to happen if you primarily use the Design View mode to build your Web pages because your eyes are not immediately on the code. You can flip to Code View and remove these tags by hand, but this is time-consuming. Luckily, Dreamweaver MX comes packed with powerful tools to assist you in cleaning up this unwanted code in a matter of clicks without compromising the integrity of your Web pages, as shown in Figure 8.2.
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Any Part of Field: If you select Any Part of Field, Access searches to see whether the value is contained anywhere in the field. This search finds the Ford anywhere in the field, including values like Ford Mustang, 2008 Ford F-150, and Ford Galaxy 500. Whole Field: The default is Whole Field, which finds fields containing exactly what you ve entered. For example, the Whole Field option finds Ford only if the value in the field being searched is exactly Ford, and nothing else. Start of Field: A search for Ford using the Start of Field option searches from the beginning of the field, and returns all the rows containing Ford as the first four characters of the description.
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Figure 4.28 Angle of departure example Figure 4.28 illustrates this rule for a system with two complex conjugate poles, a real pole and a real zero. The above six rules of root locus construction make it easy to generate the root loci for any linear system and to visualize how the closed loop roots move as the loop gain is varied from zero to in nity.
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U.S. 4 lb 31 2 oz 5 lb to taste to taste as needed 31 2 oz 5 oz 1 pt 4 oz 21 2 oz as needed
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Decoding the Menu
A sample message rule to auto-respond to some messages.
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5: Certi cates and Standards
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