The complexity of the exit and entry de nitions suggests that some simpli cation of UML state machine notation should be made. Figure 8.10 illustrates some of the situations that may arise. In example (a), the transition does not exit s, so its main source is s1. s is entered, at its initial state, however, so the main target is s. In example (b), the actual source of the local transition tr is states , the current state of s, so this is the main source (assuming that it is not s1). s itself is not exited (according to [49, pp. 570 and 577]). s1 is entered, so it is the main target.
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Turkey Scaloppine with Shiitake Mushrooms and Roasted Shallots
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6.3.3 Getting Better Quality
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1. Trim excess fat from corned beef if necessary. 2. Place the beef in a stockpot or steam kettle. Cover with cold water. 3. Bring to a boil and reduce heat to a simmer. Simmer until the meat feels tender when pierced with a fork. Cooking time will be about 2 3 hours. 4. To hold and serve hot, place the cooked meat in a steam table pan and add some of the cooking liquid to keep it moist. 5. Prepare the vegetables: Cut each cabbage into 8 wedges; pare the turnips and carrots and cut them into serving-size pieces; peel the onions; scrub the beets and potatoes. 6. Cook the cabbage, turnips, carrots, onions, and potatoes separately in a little of the beef cooking liquid. 7. Steam the beets, then peel them. 8. To serve, cut the meat across the grain into slices, holding the knife at an angle to get broader slices. Serve with horseradish sauce or prepared horseradish.
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6.Biological Age Factor of Less than 10
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SharePoint Services are a major advance for Access developers. Microsoft is very clearly committed to SharePoint, and the ability to integrate Access and SharePoint data will only increase over time. SharePoint provides a flexible, secure, efficient, Web-accessible data repository, and provides security, versioning, and other valuable features to organizations and workgroups. SharePoint integration is just one more example of Microsoft s commitment to enhancing Access s ability to integrate with diverse data sources. Although the other Microsoft Office applications also integrate with SharePoint, it s a sure bet that Access will take a dominant role when working with SharePoint. With its ability to provide the users with powerful forms and informative reports, Access is a natural tool to use when building SharePoint client-side interfaces. The next several chapters provide details of integrating Access 2010 with SharePoint. You ll see how to incorporate SharePoint data in Access applications, and how to migrate properly prepared Access applications to a SharePoint server.
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P r o c e d u r e
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1 kg
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Formatting disks
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Appendix 1: Example of an Investment Committee s Operating Policies
Process Driver Qty.
When a viewport is changed to show a light view, the Viewport Navigation buttons in the lower-right corner of the screen change into Light Navigation controls. Table 29-1 describes these controls.
The singing Christmas tree stood two feet high, topped by a red Santa cap. Several of its limbs formed gesturing eyebrows (in this case, eyeboughs), which beat up and down to expose bulging white eyes. Gruesome red lips were revealed by other undulating branches lower down (lip-sticks, perhaps ). It turned out that this monstrosity had been triggered by motion sensors. Thus I had to endure its jolly revival every time I made a substantial move in the room. So unnerving was it that over the next two days my nieces, ages eleven and thirteen, would always ask an aunt to accompany them or at least stand outside the partially open door whenever they used the bathroom. (I soldiered on alone.) Earlier, on the train ride from Manhattan, I had been engrossed in a book that was, coincidentally, perfectly relevant to this experience. Written by neurobiologist Joseph LeDoux, The Emotional Brain describes a standard fear reaction, one that is basically universal for mammals.5 I recognized it to a T: my freeze, the cautious turn, the stress hormones, the tactile stiffening of neck hair called piloerection. I had reacted with what LeDoux calls the quick and dirty processing pathway. Here s how it works. Sound waves enter the ears and are turned into electrical signals. These travel along neurons to a waystation in the sensory thalami (the sense-receiving portions of our two thalami), which are crucial egg-sized brain organs. The thalami will play a prominent role later in considering consciousness. From each it is a short run to the amygdala, of which we also have two, one on each side of the brain. Named after the Latin word for almond because of their size and shape, they sit just a little in front of and up from each ear canal, and inward a couple of inches from the skull. The amygdalas might be called our organs of fear. Via the quick and dirty pathway the amygdala can then put your body on red-alert fear if the sound suggests danger. Given a loud, totally unexpected
The installation procedure will often ask where you want to put the program, as in the example shown in Figure 45-5. There s really no reason to change the suggested folder. Most programs will install to C:\Program Files or perhaps some other folder. One thing s for sure, you don t want to put installed programs in document folders such as My Documents, Shared Documents, or anything else. If in doubt, just accept the suggested folder and move on.
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