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Naturally, the platform needs to provide stability along with the APIs it has already published and to try to avoid making further changes to them in later versions. Nevertheless, at the same time, some xes may make it necessary to change these APIs. All such changes need to be clearly communicated to all parties for further analysis if they
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nities that have a positive NPV. In turn, the discounted cash flow of the firm20 can be used to estimate the value of a firm:
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r Discipline yourself to trade the same way, all day long. r Never hold a losing position overnight!
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Pointers may be replaced with references and vice versa
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Before you can edit mesh subobjects, you must select them. To select a subobject mode, select Editable Poly in the Modifier Stack, click the small plus sign to its left to display a hierarchy of subobjects, and then click the subobject type with which you want to work. Another way to select a subobject type is to click on the appropriate subobject button in the Selection rollout. The subobject button in the Selection rollout and the subobject listed in the Modifier Stack both turn bright yellow when selected. You can also type a number 1 5 to enter subobject mode with 1 for Vertex, 2 for Edge, 3 for Border, 4 for Polgyon, and 5 for Element. To exit subobject edit mode, click the subobject button (displayed in yellow) again. Remember, you must exit this mode before you can select another object.
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1. Navigate to the folder icon (or document icon) for the item to which you want to create a Quick Launch icon. 2. Right-click that folder or file icon and choose Send To Desktop (create shortcut). 3. Get to the desktop so you can see the shortcut icon you just put there. 4. Drag that shortcut icon and drop it between any two icons that are already on the Quick Launch toolbar.
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Use the Windows Sidebar Notification area icon to show or hide the sidebar. If you re not sure which icon that is, just point to each one until you find the one named Windows Sidebar. If it s not among the visible icons, click the < symbol at the left side of the Notification area to locate the icon. To keep that icon from going into hiding, set its Behavior property to Show, as described in the preceding section Customizing the Notification Area. If you can t find the sidebar or the Notification area icon, click the Start button and choose All Programs Accessories Windows Sidebar. That will open both the sidebar and its Notification area icon. Once you see the Windows Sidebar icon, right-click it as in Figure 11.50. If the sidebar is hidden, click Show Sidebar to make it visible. Likewise, you can hide the sidebar at any time by choosing Hide Sidebar from that same menu.
where Basic Interactions The sample basic interaction ex1 in Figure 9.1(a) speci es two instances x and y, which exchange messages a and b. The dispatch of a message (depicted by the arrow tail) and the arrival of a message (arrowhead) on the lifeline of an instance (dashed line) are called event occurrences or, more precisely, message event occurrences. The pictorial representation of a basic interaction carries the intuitive meaning of a partially ordered set of event occurrences: The dispatch of a message occurs before the arrival of the same message, and the event occurrences
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