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Telephone: 86 10 5888 2584 Web: www.istic.ac.cn
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J. C. Dobrian. MAX Reference Manual. Opcode Systems Inc., Pal0 Alto, CA, 1995.
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to wallowing in unlimited funds. Economy and discipline were anathema. Quoted from Richard Fleischer, Just Tell Me When to Cry: A Memoir (New York: Carroll and Graf, 1993), 230. Moore and Colasanti had been the designers for El Cid and The Fall of the Roman Empire. Large parts of the Roman Forum, built in three dimensions and furnished even on the inside, were never used for lming. 16 Elley, The Epic Film, 105. 17 Norma Barzman, The Red and the Blacklist: The Intimate Memoir of a Hollywood Expatriate (New York: Thunder s Mouth Press / Nation Books, 2003), 306 307, 327 328, and 349 350, recounts a number of details about the phony Polish prince (355). Waszynski had previously directed lms in Poland and Italy.
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V Building Employee Accountability
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What cannot be known with any con dence is how people actually will use business analytics. How will the pieces combine The inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell, probably would not be surprised by the technical drawings of contemporary telephone systems. He would be quite amazed at such developments as telemarketing and phone sex. I am pretty sure the Wright brothers were not thinking about frequent- yer miles when they launched from Kitty Hawk. Linear extrapolation rarely paints an accurate picture. The personal computer was not a mainframe with a television screen. These devices make things possible that weren t possible before. This is the power of business analytics, not the technology pieces parts.
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Daley, D.C., Moss, H.B. & Campbell, F. (1993). Dual Disorders: Counseling Clients with Chemical Dependency and Mental Illness, 2nd edn. Center City, MN: Hazeldon. Provides a useful survey of the problem of dual diagnosis and describes a modi ed 12step treatment to these disorders. Drake, R.E., Mercer-McFadden, C., McHugo, G.J., Mueser, K.T., Rosenberg, S.D., Clark, R.E. & Brunette, M.F. (Eds) (1998). Readings in Dual Diagnosis. Columbia, MD: International Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services. A selection of previously published articles and book chapters on dual disorders, with sections including overview, etiology, assessment, clinical issues, treatment and special issues. Graham, H.L. (1998). The role of dysfunctional beliefs in individuals who experience psychosis and use substances: implications for cognitive therapy and medication adherence. Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy, 26, 193 208. Describes the application of cognitive therapy to clients with psychosis and substance use disorders. Graham, H.L., Copello, A., Birchwood, M.J. & Mueser, K.T. (Eds) (2003). Substance Misuse in Psychosis: Approaches to Treatment and Service Delivery. Chichester, UK: Wiley. Provides a useful compilation of chapters on treatment of dual disorders organized into the following sections: social and psychological perspectives of problem substance use among those with psychosis, integrated service delivery models, treatments for substance misuse in psychosis, special populations, and the evolving evidence base. Kavanagh, D.J., Young, R., Boyce, L., Clair, A., Sitharthan, T., Clark, D. & Thompson, K. (1998). Substance Treatment Options in Psychosis (STOP): a new intervention for dual diagnosis. Journal of Mental Health, 7, 135 143. Mercer-McFadden, C., Drake, R.E., Clark, R.E., Verven, N., Noorsdy, D.L. & Fox, T.S. (1999). Substance Abuse Treatment for People with Severe Mental Disorders: A
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9. Select the Bezier option in the New Vertex Type section, and then click the Cross Section button again. Click the lowest circle shape in the Perspective viewport, followed by the larger circle shape, and then the higher small circle. This creates a spline that runs smoothly between the last three cross-section shapes. Right-click in the Perspective viewport to exit Cross Section mode. Figure 14-19 shows the splines running between the different cross sections. A key benefit to the Editable Spline approach is that you don t need to order the cross-section shapes exactly. You just need to click on them in the order that you want.
Exclusive Survey of Selected Cities in Cooperation With MOFCOM
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