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Part I Learning the Max Interface
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Other Nutrients
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Venison,like other game,is very low in fat.This makes it especially popular with healthconscious diners. It also makes the meat likely to become dry unless the cook takes great care. The loin and leg, being tender, are best cooked by dry-heat methods and served rare or medium done.If cooked longer,they will dry out.Roast these cuts whole,either bone-in or deboned,or cut them into steaks,cutlets,and medallions,and saut ,pan-fry, or broil them, taking care not to overcook. Whole leg of venison,completely boned,seamed,and vacuum packed,is available. Weights range from 5 to 10 pounds (2 to 4.5 kg).Whole bone-in saddle weighs from 5 to 20 pounds (2.3 to 9 kg), while the loin muscle weighs about half that after boning and trimming. Tougher cuts, chie y the shoulder, neck, and breast, are braised, stewed, or made into ground meat or sausage.These cuts are also lean, but because they are higher in connective tissue and gelatin, they take more readily to stewing and braising. To generalize, farm-raised venison can be treated like very lean beef.Take care not to cook it to the point of dryness.
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his technique achieves a similar result to that achieved in Technique 25, Create a Floating DHTML Toolbar, but it is done using Macromedia Fireworks. After you create your layout in Fireworks, adding a pop-up menu is a piece of cake. The result is a very accessible Web site with a highly professional appearance. See Figure 32.2. You can save a lot of time if you take a moment to plan your Web site navigation before starting this technique with your own project. In this example, you work with a recipe Web site called Mamma s Kitchen. The navigation consists of three major sections: Cooking Basics, Recipes, and Books. You use Fireworks to create the navigation for the site. Under Cooking Basics will be various links to information on meal planning, healthy cooking alternatives, and tips for busy people. The Recipes menu links to such categories as Appetizers, Soups n Salads, Main Course, Side Dishes, and such. The Books button won t have a pop-up menu.
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Note: If whole chiles are not available, or if it is necessary to save the labor of scraping the pulp of the chiles after cooking (step 7), substitute 21 2 tbsp (40 mL) ground ancho chiles for the whole chiles.
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FIGURE 35.19
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12.3.2 Build Process
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This tool is used not to sharpen the edge but to true the edge (to perfect it,or to smooth out irregularities) and to maintain the edge (to keep it sharp as it is used). Observe these guidelines for using the steel: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Hold the blade at a constant 20-degree angle to the steel, just as when using the stone (Figure 7.2). A smaller angle will be ineffective. A larger one will dull the edge. Make light strokes. Do not grind the knife against the steel. Make even, regular strokes. Alternate each stroke, first on one side of the blade, then on the other. Use no more than ve or six strokes on each side of the blade.Too much steeling can actually dull the blade. Use the steel often.Then you will rarely have to sharpen the knife on the stone.
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Contains Trucks Does Not Contain Trucks
panel, click to select the asset, and drag it onto the page. Dreamweaver automatically inserts the file on the page for you.
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Part VIII Installing and Removing Programs
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