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Neil H. Borden was the Richard S. Reynolds Professor of Business Admin-
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A settlement is the allocation method utilized to relieve the costs for any type of order, for example, internal orders, production orders, and maintenance orders. The allocation abilities of the settlement are limited compared to the other methods already addressed. Supported allocation methods are percentage based, fixed amount, or equivalents (ratios). The settlement consists of the rule and the structure. The settlement rule is defined in the master data of the internal order and identifies the receiver object and the allocation basis. The settlement structure defines which settlement cost elements, if any, are used to move the expenses from the internal orders to the cost objects. Exhibit 6.8 illustrates different ways of defining the settlement structure. This exhibit illustrates three sample settlement structures. One method not depicted supports all cost elements being combined into one settlement account if desired, perhaps named Internal Order Settlements. In this case, the receiver would display $3,500 in that one settlement account. With this design, little detail is provided other than indicating the sending internal order. In order to understand what the $3,500 consists of, the internal order would need to be investigated. Beyond the single settlement account approach, other structures can be designed. Structure 10
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Testing Access applications is an ongoing process. Each time you switch a form or report from Design view to Normal view, or leave the VBA Editor to run a bit of code, you re testing your application. Every time you write a line of code and move to another line, the VBA syntax parser checks the code you just wrote. Each time you change a property in a form or report and move your cursor to another property or another control, you re testing the property you ve changed. Testing is the time to see if your application runs the way you intend, or even if it runs at all. When you run an application and it doesn t work, you ve found a bug. Fixing problems is most often referred to as debugging. This term dates back to the earliest electro-mechanical computers. Legend has it that a moth shorted out an electrical circuit. The late Admiral Grace Hopper, an early pioneer in computing, coined the term debugging to describe the process of removing the moth. You ve already learned a lot about testing and debugging. When you run a report and no data appears, you ve had to check the report s RecordSource property to ensure that the report is pulling the correct data. You may have viewed the data in a query or table to see if the data source is the problem. If you run a form and you see #Name or #Error in individual controls, you ve learned to check the control s ControlSource property. Perhaps you have an incorrect reference to a table field or you spelled something wrong and Access is unable to evaluate the reference.
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Figure 13.2 Inked print.
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(a) For a small brioche, roll the dough into a round piece.
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In Figure 3.15 notice the Cascade Delete Related Records check box. If this check box is left unchecked, Access will not permit you to delete records in tblBookOrders5 (the one-side table) until all the corresponding records in tblBookOrderDetails (the many-side table) were first deleted. With this box checked, deletions across the relationship cascade automatically. Cascading deletes can be a dangerous operation because the deletions in the many-side table occur without confirmation.
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Troubleshooting Software Problems
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