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Four Facts About Time FACT THREE: There Will Always Be More Things to Do than Time to Do Them In The double constraint of time s limited supply and its in exible nature produces demands that exceed its ability to meet. It is a myth, one we cling to hopelessly, that one day, we will be caught up with all the things we have to do. The stark truth about time: There will always be more to do than can be done. This fact is compounded with the technological advances that have occurred in the last decade. Fiber optics, digitization, broadband communications, instant messaging, and the like have multiplied our things to do exponentially. Returning from a typical week out of the of ce, today s executive has hundreds of e-mails to reply to, scores of voice mail messages to answer, and a series of appointments in her calendar made electronically without her consent. That s why a traditional approach to time management fails us. Traditional time management says, Do you have 10 things to do today I can show you how to do 15. Do you have 15 things to do today I can show you how to do 20. But the stark reality of business today is that we have 30, 40, and even 50 things to do every single day that simply cannot be done through greater ef ciencies. FACT FOUR: Focus, Not Ef ciency, Is the Key to Mastering Our Time With this explosion of things to do we must make choices, hard choices, about the things we spend our energy on. Being effective with time requires a lter to sift through our expanding list of things to do, a lter that will force us to choose that which is of the highest priority, leaving undone that which is not. Triage is a perfect metaphor for this ltering process. When medical personnel arrive at a disaster scene, they don t start helping the rst person whose path they cross, and then the next person, and the next. A system is established that sorts through the injured and sets an order of priority of who should receive help rst. That is what the word triage actually means, sorting. When we take our task list and start at the top working our way down or start every day answering e-mail we are not applying triage to time. There is no list that can tell us the best use of our energy, 17
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Using the FindRecord method to find a record
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Data-mining is the extent to which 20/20 hindsight has in uenced the manager s algorithm.
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R.F. & Toomey, T.L. (2003). The effect of the Safer Bars Program on physical aggression in bars: Results of a randomized control trial. Paper presented at Preventing Substance Use, Risky Use and Harm: What is Evidence-Based Policy (A Kettil Bruun Society Thematic Meeting). Perth, Australia, February 24 27, 2003. Graham, K. & West, P. (2001). Alcohol and crime: Examining the link. In N. Heather, T.J. Peters & T. Stockwell (Eds), International Handbook of Alcohol Dependence and Problems (pp. 439 470). Chichester: John Wiley & Sons Ltd. Graves, T.D., Graves, N.B., Semu, V.N. & Sam, I.A. (1981). The social context of drinking and violence in New Zealand s multi-ethnic pub settings. In T.C. Harford & L.S. Gaines (Eds), Social Drinking Contexts. Research Monograph No. 7. Rockville, MD: NIAAA. Hauritz, M., Homel, R., McIlwain, G., Burrows, T. & Townsley, M. (1998). Reducing violence in licensed venues through community safety action projects: the Queensland experience. Contemporary Drug Problems, 25, 511 551. Holder, H.D. (1992). Undertaking a community prevention trial to reduce alcohol problems: translating theoretical models into action. In H.D. Holder & J.M. Howard (Eds), Community Prevention Trials for Alcohol Problems (pp. 227 243). Westport, CT: Praeger. Holder, H.D., Saltz, R.F., Grube, J.W.,Treno,A.J., Reynolds, R.I.,Voas, R.B. & Gruenewald, P.J. (1997a). Summing up: lessons from a comprehensive community prevention trial. Addiction, 92(2), S293 S301. Holder, H.D., Saltz, R.F., Grube, J.W., Voas, R.B., Gruenewald, P.J. and Treno, A.J. (1997b). A community prevention trial to reduce alcohol-involved accidental injury and death: overview. Addiction, 92(2), S155 S171. Homel, R. (1996). Review of T. Stockwell (Ed.), An Examination of the Appropriateness and Ef cacy of Liquor-Licensing Laws across Australia. Canberra: AGPS. Addiction, 91(8), 1231 1233. Homel, R. & Clark, J. (1994). The prediction and prevention of violence in pubs and clubs. Crime Prevention Studies, 3, 1 46. Homel, R., Hauritz, M., Wortley, R., McIlwain, G. & Carvolth, R. (1997). Preventing alcohol-related crime through community action: the Surfers Paradise Safety Action Project. In R. Homel (Ed.), Policing for Prevention: Reducing Crime, Public Intoxication, and Injury (pp. 35 90). Crime Prevention Studies No. 7. Monsey, NY: Criminal Justice Press. Homel, R. & Mirrlees-Black, C. (1997). Assault in Queensland. Brisbane: Queensland Criminal Justice Commission. Homel, R. & Tomsen, S. (1991). Pubs and violence: violence, public drinking, and public policy. Current Affairs Bulletin, 68(7), 20 27. Homel, R., Tomsen, S. & Thommeny, J. (1992). Public drinking and violence: not just an alcohol problem. Journal of Drug Issues, 22, 679 697. Jeffs, B.W. & Saunders, W.M. (1983). Minimizing alcohol related offences by enforcement of the existing licensing legislation. British Journal of Addiction, 78, 67 77. Kelly, W. (1993). Geelong Local Industry Accord : A Partnership in Crime Prevention. Geelong Local Industry Accord, Best Practices Committee. Geelong: Australia. Lakeland, G. & Durham, G. (1991). AHB and community organisation: building a coalition in preventing alcohol problems. A paper prepared for the Perspectives for Change Conference, Wellington, New Zealand. Lander, A. (1995). Preventing Alcohol-related Violence: A Community Action Manual. Sydney: Eastern Sydney Area Health Service and St Vincent s Alcohol & Drug Service. Lang, E., Keenan, M. & Brooke, T. (1998a). Guidelines for Community Action on Alcohol and Drug Issues, and Annotated Bibliography. Melbourne: Turning Point Drug and Alcohol Centre. Lang, E., Stockwell, T., Rydon, P. & Beel, A. (1998b). Can training bar staff in responsible serving practices reduce alcohol-related harm Drug and Alcohol Review, 17, 39 50. Macintyre, S. & Homel, R. (1997). Danger on the dance oor: a study of interior design, crowding and aggression in nightclubs. In R. Homel (Ed.), Policing for Prevention: Reducing Crime, Public Intoxication, and Injury (pp. 91 113). Crime Prevention Studies No. 7. Monsey, NY: Criminal Justice Press. Magni cent Events Company (1996). Concept Plans for Managing Dysfunctional Events at Bondi Beach on Christmas Day and New Year s Day. Bond University, Queensland: Australian Institute of Dramatic Arts.
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Simmons was a pioneer of authentication codes, shared control schemes, and subliminal channels. His book [703] remains the best reference for most of the technical material discussed in this chapter. A more concise introduction to both authentication and secret sharing can be found in [738]. One of the best open sources for public information on nuclear weapons is the Federation of American Scientists [286]. The rationale for the recent declassification of many nuclear arms technologies is presented in detail on their website [286]. Declassification issues are discussed in [812], and the publicly available material on PALs has been assembled by Steve Bellovin [92]. Control failures in nuclear installations are documented in a range of places. The problems with Russian installations are discussed in [401]; U.S. nuclear safety is overseen by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission [593]; and shortcomings with U.K. installations are documented in the quarterly reports posted by the Health and Safety Executive [375].
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39 Skinning Characters
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Part I: Access Building Blocks
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The BlobMesh object can be combined with a geometry object to create the effect of an object that has been frozen in ice. Using the BlobMesh s Pick feature, you can select a geometry object, and a BlobMesh is placed at each vertex of the object. I suggest using an object with a fairly limited number of vertices. To create the effect of an object covered in ice, follow these steps: 1. Open the Icy sled.max file from the Chap 18 directory on the DVD. This file includes a sled model created by Viewpoint Datalabs. 2. With the sled selected, choose Create Compound BlobMesh, and create a simple BlobMesh in the Top viewport. Set the Size value to 6.0. Then click the Pick button in the Parameters rollout, and select the Sled object. 3. Press the M key to open the Material Editor, and select the first sample slot. Change the Diffuse color to a light blue, and set the Opacity to 20. Then increase the Specular Level to 90 and the Glossiness to 40, and apply the material to the BlobMesh object.
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The icon that you specify in the Application Icon field displays on the title bar of your application and in the task switcher (Alt+Tab) of Windows. If you check the Use as Form and Report Icon box, this icon is also displayed when a form or report is minimized. If you don t specify your own icon, Access just displays the default Access icon, so you might want to provide an application-specific icon for your application. Using special program icons helps your users distinguish between different Access applications.
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The New Know
After the Preview window is opened, a warning dialog box appears if the scene has any errors or warnings that could cause trouble with the simulation. It also warns of unrealistic data, such as property settings that are too high or too low.
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Analog electronic controls in aircraft applications were enabled largely by the advent of the transistor and solid state electronics technology. During the 1960s and 1970s before the availability of general purpose single chip microprocessors, the control system designer looked rst to analog electronics technology to provide an easy way to implement custom dynamic functions. We saw the introduction of auto-stabilizers in ight control systems providing limited authority trim functions that added to the pilots mechanical commands. Engine controls saw the introduction of the supervisory control as a means to reduce pilot workload and to enhance the maintenance intervals by preventing inadvertent exceedances such as transient over-temperature events that can seriously reduce the engine hot section life. Two of the most ambitious accomplishments of analog control technology developed in the 1960s were the rst aircraft Auto-land system developed by Smiths Industries and the quadruplex ight control system for the USAF F-16 aircraft developed and produced by the Astronics Division of Lear Seigler. These analog control systems were eventually replaced by digital electronic controls. As the growth in electronic technology continued there emerged an increase in the application of hybrid electronics technology wherein analog electronics was mixed in with the emerging digital technology. This was a stepping stone towards the application of custom digital computer designs later developed by the large corporations who were prepared to absorb the expensive tooling costs associated with custom electronics in an attempt to obtain a competitive position and also to ll a technology vacuum that continued to grow. The section that follows summarizes the key functional features of analog electronic controls in
Part VII Using and Creating Digital Media
Command Background Backlight Cycle No. of Sample Slots Get Material Shortcut B L X G Command Move to Sibling Go to Parent Make Preview Material Editor Options Shortcut Left Arrow and Right Arrow Up Arrow P O
Windows Firewall advanced properties.
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Special Forcemeat Dishes
Filtering, sorting, rearranging, and searching within a datasheet is quite easy. My simple select query didn t transform the data in any way, so the data shown in Figure 4.11 is completely editable. I can modify existing data, delete rows, and even add new records to this data set, if I want. When you re working with data in the datasheet, all the table and field properties defined at the table level are in effect. Therefore, validation rules, default values, and other properties assert themselves even though the datasheet is the result of a query.
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