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Chirashizushi (Scatter Sushi)
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According to Section 409 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act public companies should disclose on a rapid and current basis, such additional information concerning material changes in the financial condition or operations of the issuer. As the SEC hones in on improving disclosure, IR must step up to guide management through the process. IR should develop a disclosure template, and when in doubt, the company should be conservative and assume almost any event is material. Along with IR, however, management must also show some degree of restraint in terms of releasing too much news to the financial wires. This can come across as promotional and adversely affect management credibility.
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introduce themselves as G. R. and Ethyl Griffin and told me they had been married for 62 years. Is that amazing They had just spent the week in Las Vegas gambling and seeing shows and eating out. They were truly a hoot to talk to. I finally asked them their secret for staying married for that long. She jumped in and said, I ll take this one. Then she added, Just let the other person be who they are and put up with it. That just may be the best marriage counseling anyone could ever receive. She told me that after 62 years together they both still had plenty of things they did not like about each other, but they loved each other enough to put up with it. Whole books about relationships and how to have a great marriage have been written with less said than Ethyl did in that one sentence. We all have these ideas about how we want the other person to be. Chances are, it is not going to happen. People are rarely who we want them to be. (A fact that has bothered me a good number of times in my married life.) People are who they are. Period. No more. No less. Shut up, stop whining, and put up with it. Someone asked me recently what I loved most about my wife, Rose Mary. Good question, huh How would you answer that one about your spouse It was an easy answer for me. What I love most about Rose Mary is that she loves me. Believe it or not, that is not an easy thing to do and most people could not or would not do it. I am almost impossible. I am loud. Obnoxious. Intolerant. Demanding. Caustic. Sarcastic. Impatient. A perfectionist. A neat freak. And those are my good traits. But she loves me just the way I am. Regardless. That is what I love most about her the fact that she loves me. Somehow she can look past the bad things in me and see the good things. What could be better than that The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret. Henny Youngman
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P(aatt,catt) R(x,y) & Q(y,z) => P(x,z)
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As we have seen, banks are different from industrial corporations in many respects. This statement is also true for the measurement of (economic) profitability, especially when such performance measures are used in order to determine whether a bank s chosen (risk-management) activities are consistent with value maximization, that is, when they are used as a capital-budgeting tool. Bank performance measures developed over time in the following way:1 Until the 1970s, many banks took a purely accounting-driven approach and focused on measuring their (net) revenues or earnings. This, obviously, generated the incentive to maximize earnings by increasing the bank s assets. Since this approach obviously lacks the connection to a reference asset (e.g., the underlying risks of the transactions), banks subsequently set these (net) revenues in relation to their assets as determined in their balance sheets (i.e., calculating a return on assets [ROA] ratio). As off-balance sheet activities grew substantially2 and the riskiness of the underlying assets gradually became more important,3 banks realized that the scarce resource in their business is equity. Therefore, they decided to focus on ROE (return on equity) ratios and measured net revenues in relation to their book equity in order to find out which businesses were most profitable and where to invest. The introduction of the BIS regulatory capital requirements (after 1988)
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To scan a document using Windows Fax and Scan, first open that program as described earlier in this chapter. At the bottom of the left pane, click Scan. Clicking Documents in the left pane lists all documents you ve scanned with that program. If you haven t scanned yet, the list will be empty as in Figure 38.11. To scan a document, load it into your scanner according to the scanner manufacturer s instructions. For example, if it s a flatbed scanner, place the document face down on the glass and close the cover. If it s the kind of scanner where you load pages into a document feeder, load them accordingly. On a scanner where sheets feed from the top, this usually means putting the sheets into the feeder with the printed side facing away from you. Then follow these steps:
Laplace transforms gave rise to the application of root locus theory which became very popular in the aerospace industry in the 1960s and 1970s. The aircraft as a dynamic process behaves in a linear fashion for small deviations about a given ight condition. This type of process lends itself well to the use of root locus and this became the tool of choice for the design and analysis work associated with aircraft stability and autopilot systems. The example in Figure 7.4 shows how an aircraft that is basically unstable in pitch can be stabilized via a simple pitch rate control loop.
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