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The MAXScript menu includes commands that you can use to create a new script, open and run scripts, open the MAXScript Listener window (keyboard shortcut, F11), enable the Macro Recorder, open the Visual MAXScript Editor, or access the Debugger dialog box. The New Script command opens a MAXScript editor window, a simple text editor in which you write your MAXScript. See the MAXScript editor windows section later in this chapter for more on this editor window. The Open Script command opens a file dialog box that you can use to locate a MAXScript file. When opened, the script file is opened in a MAXScript editor window, as shown in Figure 50-1. MAXScript files have an .MS or .MCR extension. The Run Script command also opens a file dialog box where you can select a script to be executed.
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#1.Winning through Higher Quality
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One young woman was stressed over how long it would take to get the degree she needed to pursue her dream. She complained, If I take it one night course at a time, I ll probably be 45 by the time I nish. Somewhat annoyed by the fact that I had already passed the milestone she considered old, I replied, Optimistically, you ll be 45 anyway. You re either 45 with a degree or 45 without it. How long have you been thinking about this The young woman replied, If a man empties his purse Three years. I said with a smile, into his head, no one can take You could have been 42! it away from him. An Learn from this situation investment in knowledge and don t wait a day longer! At always pays the best interest. all times, invest 5 percent of Ben Franklin your time in your next career or in starting your own business. Look for cross-training opportunities. Volunteer for your organization s strategic projects. Exercise your purpose by donating your time and skills to causes you care about. All will help you turn your interests and gifts into a satisfying new career or your own business start-up. If downsizing is imminent or you hate your job, invest 10 percent of your time. Don t wait for them to get rid of you; begin to establish your own plan for what you will do next. Your optimism and security doesn t come from holding onto the past, but rather in helping to invent the future.
Detailing the benefits of splitting a database
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A tab control provides several pages, each accessed through a tab at the top, bottom, or side of the dialog box. Figure 19.13 shows frmCustomers, a perfect example of a tabbed Access form. frmCustomers contains a tab control with three pages, allowing the form to contain many more controls than possible without the tab control. Each of the tabs along the top of the form reveals a different page of the form s data. Each page contains many controls. Figure 19.13 shows buttons, labels, and text boxes. Each control on the page behaves independently of all other controls on the form and can be accessed through Access VBA code as an independent unit.
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