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dered family whom he sees waiting for him in a nal vision. Like the hero and heroine of The Robe and even more than Spartacus, Maximus is granted a kind of romantic happy ending, made bittersweet because he also leaves behind a woman who once had loved him and still does, Marcus Aurelius daughter Lucilla. But even at death s door Maximus saves Rome. He commands to free Gracchus, the senator who will form or head the new senatorial government that Marcus Aurelius had intended for Rome to end the rule of the Caesars.26 Maximus last public pronouncement is: There was a dream that was Rome. It shall be realized. These are the wishes of Marcus Aurelius. Lucilla pays homage to him as he is being carried out of the arena He was a soldier of Rome. Honor him and con rms his crucial role in carrying out the regeneration of the empire: Is Rome worth one good man s life We believed it once. Make us believe it again. Her words are not addressed to anyone in particular, but all in the audience will readily apply them to the lm s view of Rome. Yes, we believe it again. History was not like this noble and sentimental ending. There is hope for the future, as the lm s nal words, spoken by Maximus friend and fellow gladiator Juba, tell us: Now we are free as individuals, from slavery; as citizens, from tyranny. Here is a new birth of freedom. The last view of Rome before the fade-out con rms all this. In a panoramic long shot of the city the sun is breaking through the clouds. It is morning in Rome again. And the requisite choirs are swelling up, too, although in this case they are not heavenly but contemporary New Age ones. To quote Lucilla s earlier words from a different context: This is a pleasant ction, isn t it It is. In this kind of ending tyranny and corruption are shown to be inherent in individuals, not in society as a whole. Once the villains are removed, things will improve, without any necessity for radical changes in the structures of government or society. The optimism on view in the cinema of Frank Capra may be the best representative of such populism: Mr. Deeds Goees to Town (1936), Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939), Meet John Doe (1941). The John Does, champions of losing or lost causes the latter the only ones worth ghting for, as we hear in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington still have a chance against big shots and political machines because theirs is a great society. It s a wonderful life after all. This kind of perspective also conforms to the long-standing American tradition that deals with defeat or death by turning it into a higher victory. A
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Every VBA error handler should include some form of the Resume statement. This special VBA command instructs the VBA engine to clear the error condition and resume normal execution. Depending on how you write the Resume statement, you can redirect program execution to any of a number of different points within the procedure.
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Mean number of jobs, Eq. (8.41): = X(l)Ti(l)ei = X(l)Ts(l)es = 0.083, = 0.333, Kz(l) = X(l)Tz(l)ez = 0.333, = 0.25.
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this agent starts with the alkylation of guanine (25) with the chloromethyl ether 25a. Removal of the protecting group (26) by saponification affords acyclovir (27).
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where <expr> is an expression to evaluate and <stuff> is some MAXScript to execute if the expression evaluates to true. You can also use the keyword else to specify what happens if the expression evaluates to false, as shown in the following example:
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Troubleshooting Documents
Having made their name in outsourcing rst as low-cost manufacturing centers, some Asian countries are now making the transition to higher-value, IT and knowledge process outsourcing. Indeed, the world s top two outsourcing nations are also the region s population centers: China and India. Although signi cant outsourcing services are available in North Asian countries like Japan and Korea, we have excluded them here because they offer little if any cost bene ts, and are more likely to receive contracts for specialized work. Also, they are major offshorers themselves, with some of the world s best nearshore talent at their doorstep. For the purposes of this discussion we are also including Australia and New Zealand.
Before You Call (or Meet) Any Client
The Folder is ready for archiving checkbox is handled automatically by Windows Backup. So it s unlikely you d ever need to change that yourself. The checkbox is checked if you ve never backed up the folder (or file), or if its contents have changed since the last backup. That tells Windows Backup to back it up again the next time you do a backup. The checkbox is empty if its contents haven t changed since the last backup. That tells Windows Backup that there s no need to back it up again. The Index this folder for faster searching checkbox, if selected, tells Windows to maintain the item in the search index. The more items there are in the search index, the more computer resources are required to maintain the index. Searches also take longer when the index is large. The basic idea is to include only folders that contain documents, e-mail messages, and other user files in the search index. Omit system folders that contain files not intended for humans to open and edit like programs and files that make up the Windows operating system. That s the way it s handled automatically. So you might never need to mess with this option. There are exceptions though. For example, let s say you store many files on an external hard drive or a separate partition on your C: drive. When you do a search, you want those files included. In that case, checking the Index this folder for faster searching ensures that those external files are treated like other files in your user account. They re rapidly searched every time you perform a search. The other two options in the dialog box deserve some special attention and are described next.
Toolbar Button Name Scale Test Script Operator Send Out Spawn Speed Test Split Amount Split Selected Split Source Cache Display Notes Render Description Yields true if the particle is scaled to a specified size Tests the particles based on a script Sets all particles to true and moves them to the next event Creates new particles and moves them to the next event Yields true if a particle exceeds a specified speed Sends a fraction or every nth particle to the next event Yields true if particle is selected Yields true based on the particle s origin emitter Records particle positions for quicker viewport playback Defines how the particles are displayed in the viewports Allows notes to be added to the event node Defines how the particles are rendered
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