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Marc Braunstein is a cofounder of the marketing consulting rm Firebrand
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Even though there are literally thousands of PC hardware devices on the market, they can all be categorized as either internal or external devices. External devices connect to the computer by a cable and a port of the computer. Internal gadgets connect directly to the computer motherboard inside the system case.
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6. What is the most important factor for building a low-stress investment strategy Answer: C De ning your risk in every trade. Discussion: Those who pay attention to Optionetics instructors and writers will hear this all the time. Options were rst developed to help traders limit risk, and Optionetics still believes this is the key. We need to know the risk of every trade before we enter it so that we are prepared for the worst and know what actions are needed to limit this risk. 7. ______________ allows a trader to cultivate a matrix of strategies with which to respond to market movement in any direction. Answer: A Flexibility. Discussion: Though it is a good idea to narrow your choice of strategies, this doesn t mean that a trader shouldn t have a couple of strategies for each type of market. One of the greatest advantages to trading options is their exibility. You can make money in up, down, and sideways markets using options, so don t limit yourself to just bullish strategies. 8. Successful investors usually ______________ in just one or in a few areas. This allows them to develop strategies that work in certain recognizable market conditions. Answer: A Specialize. Discussion: Specialization has become the thing to do in any profession in our day and age. It is no different when trading options. Though we need to have a wide base of knowledge about options and trading, we do not need to become experts in every available options strategy. As you learn about different options strategies, specialize in the ones that best t your risk tolerance and expertise. 9. To become a successful options trader you have to have ______________. Answer: B Patience and persistence. Discussion: This is very important to remember. Too many new traders expect to become millionaires overnight; this is unrealistic. Traders need to realize that where there is more possible reward, there is usually a higher degree of risk. Even the most successful options traders often lose money in individual trades. However, these traders have learned to limit their risk and have developed a sound plan that allows them to be patient and persistent.
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8: Conquering Malicious Software. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 119
You may discover that some of the programs that used to start automatically on your computer don t do so after you ve installed Windows Vista. You can follow these steps to get those programs to start automatically again in the future:
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