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For private and instruction cache blocks no coherence protocol is necessary, while for shared blocks a cache coherence protocol must be used since these blocks can become inconsistent in different caches. One of the first cache
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4: Selecting Data with Queries
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Alt text is simply a word or short description that is included in the code that inserts an image on a page. If an image is not visible in a browser, the Alt text displays in its place. If a visitor uses a special browser to read the page out loud, Alt text is read in place of the image. Dreamweaver makes it easy to include Alt text: Simply type in the text you want as an alternative in the Property inspector. To add Alt text to an image, follow these steps: Insert an image or select an image that has already been inserted on a page (see Figure 28.3). Notice that after you select an image, the Property inspector displays the image properties. In the top right of the Property inspector, enter the text you want to provide as an alternative behind your image in the Alt text box (see Figure 28.4). The alternative text is automatically inserted in the Image tag in the source code.
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it s hard to build systems whose trusted computing base is substantially less than the whole operating system kernel (plus quite a number of its utilities). Another approach that has been gaining ground as hardware costs have fallen is to replicate systems. One might, for example, have one database at Low and another at High, with a pump that constantly copies information from Low up to High. I ll discuss pumps in more detail later.
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Per Venture Economics, IRR s are through year-end 1999. Ibid.
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q(O) = x2(3) = 7r(0,3) = 0.0667,
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17 Searching for Files and Folders
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Timely Permission sought and given Aware of potential emotional triggers Identify benefit of delivering feedback
Number of staff involved in China: Car Navigation: Full-time employees: 329; Car Audio: Full-time employees: 300 Project Size: Car Navigation: $10 million (Alpine 2006 Business Contract Amount); Car Audio: $5 million/year
Figure 62-10: Remote shared drives in My Network Places
As usual, not everything ts into one package. Beyond the ve major sauce families, a number of other preparations don t follow these basic patterns.We encounter these later in the chapter. These other preparations include these groups: Simple and compound butters, including simple browned butter as well as butter combined with different avorings. Pan gravies, or sauces made with the pan drippings of the meat or poultry they are served with. Miscellaneous hot sauces, which are not made like any of the five basic sauces. These include such items as raisin sauce (for ham) and sour cream sauce. Miscellaneous cold sauces include not only sauces for meats, like Cumberland sauce and horseradish sauce,but also vinaigrettes,mayonnaise,and their variations, covered in 21.
21 Salads and Salad Dressings
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