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The Triangle Pelvis option isn t initially visible when creating a biped, but if enabled, the pelvis consists of two links that extend from the spine to where the leg links are located. This helps keep the leg joints from intersecting directly under the spine. The twist links feature allows body parts to twist during animation. The Twists option needs to be enabled before twist links can be used, and the twist links are frozen by default. For example, if you hold your arm out to the side with your palm facing forward, the ulna and radius bones that make up your forearm are actually rotated 90 degrees.
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First and foremost, IR must have suitable personnel. Staffing the IR function properly is paramount to its success, and, as we mentioned previously, each company, depending on its size and characteristics, has different requirements for the job. We can t emphasize enough our belief that a person with senior-level Wall Street experience is most qualified to sit in the IR seat. These professionals have the understanding it takes to maximize value, which is, after all, the objective. Therefore, in a very large company, there may be a team leader, reporting to the CFO, and several professionals underneath, most likely with finance experience. In smaller companies, the team may just be the CFO, an administrative person, and an outside agency. Second is the need to secure relationships with the most proficient and capable vendors. At the heart of successful IR is information. Doing the job without it is almost impossible. Therefore, secure the best and most cost-effective information services around. Bloomberg terminals offer more financial information than an IRO would ever need in all likelihood. They offer stock price, historical charts, analyst coverage and ratings, earnings releases and other announcements, board of director lists, and lists of comparables. Their functionality also allows the user to create comp lists in Excel and run relative valuation exercises, a big part of the definition section.
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Dimitri Tiomkin s score exempli es what a lm scholar has observed about the scores of historical epics: The Hollywood epic also de nes History as occurring to music pervasive symphonic music underscoring every moment by overscoring it. 29 The score of The Fall of the Roman Empire distracts from the lm s overall quality. A case in point is the rst spectacular sequence in which we see the splendor and greatness of Rome, Commodus triumphal entry into the city. First-time viewers may be so overwhelmed by what they are watching on the screen as to pay scant attention to what they are hearing. For repeat viewers the images will retain their attraction, but the music accompanying them is likely to grow obtrusive or irritating. Tiomkin was well within his creative rights when he decided to dismiss all idea[s] of giving this picture quasi
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Compartmented mode workstations (CMWs) allow data at different levels to be viewed and modified at the same time by a human operator, and ensure that labels attached to the information are updated appropriately. The initial demand came from the intelligence community, whose analysts may have access to Top Secret data, such as decrypts and agent reports, and produce reports at the Secret level for users such as political leaders and officers in the field. As these reports are vulnerable to capture, they must not contain any information that would compromise intelligence sources and methods. CMWs allow an analyst to view the Top Secret data in one window, compose a report in another, and have mechanisms to prevent the accidental copying of the former into the latter (i.e., cut-and-paste works from Secret to Top Secret , but not vice versa). CMWs have proved useful in operations, logistics, and drug enforcement as well [396]. For the engineering issues involved in doing mandatory access control in windowing systems, see [273,274], which describe a prototype for Trusted X, a system implementing MLS but not information labelling. It runs one instance of X Windows per sensitivity level, and has a small amount of trusted code that allows users to cut and paste from a lower level to a higher one. For the specific architectural issues with Sun s CMW product, see [281].
Trim and Extend
Active Emsec threats are also significant in the smartcard world, where perhaps the best known is the glitch attack [43]. Here, as I mentioned above, the opponent inserts transients into the power or clock supply to the card in the hope of inducing a useful error. For example, one smartcard used in early banking applications had the feature that an unacceptably high clock frequency triggered a reset only after a number of cycles, so that transients would be less likely to cause false alarms. So it was possible to replace a single clock pulse with two much narrower pulses without causing an alarm that would reset the card. This reliably caused the processor to execute a NOP, regardless of what instruction it was supposed to execute. By introducing glitches at suitable times, the attacker could step over jump instructions, and thus bypass access controls.
Avocado Cheeses: soy cheese low-fat, cow Ice cream, low-fat Nuts and seeds: almonds cashews flax seeds sunflower seeds macadamias peanuts, Spanish almonds walnuts pumpkin seeds sesame seeds almond butter peanut butter
FIGURE 20.29
Even though analytics has been around for a while, the language about analytics has yet to mature. Wanda Shive is an analytic practitioner. She has served as chief nancial of cer, vice president of information, controller, and buyer. Her retail experience includes Food Lion, Babies R Us (formerly Baby Superstore), and Planet Music (a former division of Borders Group). After 25 years of cutting-edge work in analytics, Shive went back to school for a master s of science in analytics (MSA) from North Carolina State University, one of 23 students in the rst graduating class. She is a principal at Waterstone Analytics. Shive agrees that the word analytics is misunderstood and misrepresented. Analytics has run hot and cold over the past 20 years. Many tribal leaders recount a time probably around 1997 when analytics was all the rage. Many believed that analytics was going to run the world. Then the dot-com boom came along, and everything exciting or valuable had to have the pre x e (e-logistics, e-commerce, e-gov, etc.). Michael Rappa is the founder and director of the Institute for Advanced Analytics at NC State, which runs the MSA degree program. Prior to joining NC State, he was a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for nine years. Rappa believes that the environment
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