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The MsgBox statement makes a satisfactory debugging tool (with some limitations).
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In the sixties, while Eckert known as Bobby to his pals was coming into his teens, Elmhurst, all 10 square miles of it, had a population of almost 37,000, 18 of whom were African-American, or as the 1960 Census showed 99.8 percent white, and 0.0 percent Negro. One of his friends growing up, Barb Tilden the rst Barbie in his life who lived 10 houses away from the Eckerts modest, twostory, red-brick Cape Cod style house, remembers him from their days at Washington Elementary School as one of the cutest kids, nice, very quiet, and he was a little guy. The two went all through school together, were con rmed together, and his father was her dentist. Another Washington Elementary School friend, Candy Purdom, lived three blocks from the Eckerts on South Parkview in Elmhurst s pleasant Crescent Park neighborhood, where beautiful elm trees once lined the streets until Dutch Elm disease destroyed most of them. Purdom and Bobby also went to Sunday School together at the nearby First Congregational United Church of Christ. He reminded me of Timmy in the Lassie TV show, she says. But like others, she lost track of him when they went on to junior high and high school because he was below the radar. One of Eckert s close chums in elementary school and later was another future titan of industry. In 2002, Dave Fitzpatrick scored a $22 million package as executive vice president and chief nancial of cer of Tyco International in the wake of the scandal involving chairman Dennis Kozlowski, who was sent to prison for misappropriating more than $400 million of the company s funds. In 1968, Eckert entered York Community High School as a freshman in the Class of 72, some 900 students strong. While the rest of the country was in ferment violent protests against the Vietnam War; the assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King and Senator Robert Kennedy; riots in the streets of America s big cities; and the election of Richard Nixon as president student life at York seemed in some sort of time warp. Frank Canzolino, an honors student, observed, If it was happening in the country, it sure as hell wasn t happening in this little suburb, a non-radical place. There were no demonstrations, nothing like that through my high school years.
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Initial Exchange Points GEN ERAL LOCATION Vienna, VA Chicago, IL Pennsauken, NJ San Francisco, CA College Park, MD NASA Ames Research Center, CA Palo Alto, CA San Jose, CA INTRODUCED Part of original NSFNET Part of original NSFNET Part of original NSFNET Part of original NSFNET
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Miscellaneous Hors d Oeuvres
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An important recent trend in alcohol and other drug education is the increased emphasis given to whole-of-school and community approaches (Midford & McBride, 1999; Perry et al., 1996; Ballard, Gillespie & Irwin, 1994). This acknowledges that drug education occurs within a broader social setting and that greater bene t is likely to occur if there is contextual support for the formal curriculum programmes. McBride, Midford & Farringdon, (1998) suggested that whole-of-school approaches should ensure that the school policy and practices complement the education message; that services are provided for at-risk students and that the local school community, particularly parents, are involved in the education process. However, these authors also acknowledged that getting schools to adopt a comprehensive approach to drug education is dif cult. There are an increasing number of educational issues vying for a place on the school agenda, and attracting broad support for an issue that is generally not seen as core business for a school is dif cult, particularly if additional resources and training are not provided. Any effect achieved by intense whole-ofschool programmes will also be more vulnerable to withdrawal of resources. A curriculum approach, however, is more achievable in terms of existing resources, more easily integrated into and maintained within existing teaching structures and offers greater coverage per unit cost. Evaluation of a national drug education programme in Australia (Midford & McBride, 1999) indicated that comprehensive and intense drug education in selected schools achieved a greater level of drug education activity than system-wide teacher training. However, this change only occurred in a few schools, whereas the global approach achieved less change, but in a greater number of schools. Midford & McBride (1999) suggested that the emphasis of a programme should be determined by its objectives, whether that be reach or intensity. Schools that have had little drug education will probably be best served by broad-based teacher training, which will create the skill base and motivation for further development. In contrast, those schools that have reached a certain level of accomplishment in drug education are more likely to have the capacity to undertake a more intense, whole-of-school approach. Perry and her colleagues (Perry et al., 1996, Perry and Kelder, 1992, Perry and Murray, 1985) recognized the importance of the social environment in determining drug use by young people and suggested that, if schools are to be effective in achieving sustained
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You can include filename extensions to narrow down the search. For example, a search for *.jpg finds all files that have a .jpg extension. A search for sunset*.jpg finds all files that start with sunset and end with a .jpg filename extension. You can use the word OR (in uppercase letters, with a space before and after the word) to extend the search to multiple criteria. For example, consider the following typed into the Filename box:
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Schweitzer approximation is not very good (the mean deviation from exact results is approximately 6%) but is sufficient for most applications. An essential assumption for the Bard-Schweitzer method is that the removal of a job from a class influences only the mean number of jobs in that class and not the mean number of jobs in other classes (see Eq. (9.1)). This assumption is not very good and we can construct examples for which the computed results deviate considerably from the exact ones. In Section 9.1.2, the self-correcting approximation technique (SCAT) is introduced, which does not have this disadvantage. Of course, the algorithm is more complex to understand and implement than the Bard-Schweitzer approximation.
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1. Saut the onions in butter or fat until they are translucent and just beginning to brown. 2. Add the potatoes and toss until coated with fat. 3. Place in a baking pan or in a roasting pan under a partially cooked roast. Pour in the hot stock. Season. 4. Bake 1 11 2 hours at 350 F (175 C) or at the roasting temperature of lamb, until potatoes are done. Add more stock during cooking if necessary to keep potatoes from drying out.
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The supernatural redeeming power in the emperor s outstretched right hand presupposes higher powers and abilities dwelling in him. Through the emperor, manifesting his power in this gesture, divine interference in human affairs takes place.14
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NC3 OH (74a) (82)
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Mean number of jobs:
Raytrace materials that are transparent can also have Color and Fog Density settings. You can use Color Density to create tinted glass: The amount of color depends on how thick the object is and the Amount setting. The Start value is where the color starts, and the End value is the distance at which the color reaches a maximum. Fog Density works the same way as Color Density and is based on object thickness. You can use this effect to create smoky glass. You also have options to render any objects or atmospheric effects contained within raytraced objects. The Reflections section offers a Default Reflection Type and an Additive Reflection Type. The Default type layers the reflection on top of the current Diffuse color, and the Additive type adds the reflection to the Diffuse color. The Gain value controls the brightness of the reflection and can range between 0 and 1.
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Figure 12-22: The Wave modifier produces parallel waves across the surface of an object.
30 0 +30 0.25 +24 +1 1 +0.5 5 0.5 +18 +2 10 +12 1.0 2.0 +6 4.0 6.0 0 Open loop gain (dB)
U.S. 1 lb 8 oz 2 lb 2.5 oz 1 tsp 1 tbsp
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