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Figure 5.2: Opening screen of the Interactive Fugue exhibit, offering the user to listen to some classical fugue pieces, compose their own fugue, or hear other visitors compositions. Additional information about Bach is available via his portrait. For this project, 15 HCI patterns from the languages of the author, as well as from the collection by Tidwell[1998], and several new patterns were used to inform the user interface design. Here, the pattern format proved particularly useful to carry over experience from the earlier WovldBeut project to this new effort. Moreover, the application domain (classical fugue composition) was discussed with a music teacher and expert in this field, who helped us to model the fundamental concepts as a language of 16 patterns for fugue composition, which is also included in [Dannenberg, 19991. The music expert was quick to understand the pattern format, agreed to its general appropriateness for this field, and was able to discuss musical issues using this approach quite well. The project also made use of several software patterns that were partly adopted from the Gang of Four book
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Note For materials that don t include an Output rollout, you can apply an Output map, which accepts a submaterial.
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Shut Up, Stop Whining, and Get a Life
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The Count option of the Total cell can be performed against any field in the table (or query). However, Count excludes records that have a null value in the field you select. Therefore, you may want to count the table s primary key field (like ProductID) because the primary key cannot have any null values.
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3. Choose Connect to the Internet from the second wizard screen, and then click the Next button. 4. The third wizard screen asks how you want to set up your account. Choose whichever option best describes what you want to do. For clarification, here s what they mean: Choose from a list of Internet service providers (ISPs): Select this option only if you ve never contacted an ISP or set up an account, and you want to purchase an account right now. Set up my connection manually: If you ve set up an account with an ISP and have a user name and password, choose this option. Use the CD I got from an ISP: If you have purchased an account already and your ISP has provided you with a CD, choose this option. 5. After making your choice, click the Next button and follow the instructions on the screen. If you chose the first or third option, it s all just a matter of doing what the wizard tells you to do. I cannot take you step by step through those options because how you progress through the wizard depends on how you answer the questions. It s important, however, to pay attention to the following warning.
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Creating multiple home page tabs
Thus, a somewhat slower rate of improvement in productivity could contribute importantly to holding down the level of unemployment as long as economic growth is still at an historically high level; we shall still have a heavy burden of unemployment under these circumstances if economic growth slows down to any noticeable extent. In any case, sacri ce of technological advancement would seem to be a poor way to solve our problems. Other more desirable types of adjustment are possible, of course. Early retirement, more years of education, and changed attitudes toward work by women would reduce the participation rate and thus curtail the number of people seeking work. If we were willing to change our view of work in this manner so that the participation rate dropped instead of rising, this could make a signi cant difference. If the participation rate held to 62 percent of the people aged 14 to 64 instead of rising to 64.5 percent in 1970 and 65.5 percent in 1980, the 1970 labor force would shrink by nearly four million and the 1980 labor force would
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