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4. To select a character to use, click it, and then click the Select button. You can repeat this step to select as many characters as you need. 5. Click the Copy button. 6. In your document, click where you want to place the special character(s). 7. Paste the character using any standard Paste method: Press Ctrl+V, or right-click near the cursor and choose Paste, or choose Edit Paste from that program s menu bar.
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Exhibit 10.18 lists the top three benefits of using Oros with SAP CO in Scenario II.
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The history books love to talk about winners and losers. Let s look at the ripple effect some past disruptive technologies created. THE AUTOMOBILE As the automobile reached critical mass, it literally transformed America. It led to highways, suburbs, travel destinations, shopping malls, and a general spreading out of cities and towns. Who won Homebuilders, road builders, steel makers, rubber companies, the lawn care industry, oil refiners, tourist attractions, big box retailers, convenience stores, and states such as Florida and California. Who lost Trolley car makers, railroads, corner grocery stores, downtown department stores and movie theaters, milk and potato chip deliverymen, and much of the Northeast and Midwest. REFRIGERATION When commercial and then consumer refrigeration technology came along, the whole food industry was transformed. Who won Industrial food processors, fishermen, fruit importers, packaging companies, and appliance makers. Who lost Local farmers, retail butchers, ice delivery companies, icebox makers, and anyone else who lost their share of the local stomach. THE WORLD WIDE WEB In just 10 years, the Web went from a novelty to something that pervades our lives. Its impact hits a wide swath: research, shopping, supply chains, marketing, customer relations, financial
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PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC BLOCK FOR PERIPHERAL INTERFACE data[7:0] CWR[7:0] STATUS[7:0] a0 a1 a2 reset wrb rdb portA[7:0] portB[7:0] portC[7] portC[6] portC[5] portC[4] portC[3] portC[2] portC[1] portC[0] tristate tristate tristate tristate tristate 4c 4d 3b 5a 5b 3a 4a 1 2 3 4 a5 ba 4b 5 9e 0 0
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Optionally, click the Open properties for selected printer icon (see Figure 22.29) to look at any remaining options that are unique to your printer. Exactly what appears there varies greatly from one printer to the next. But you might be able to refine or go beyond your current selections. For example, you might be able to choose a high-quality print with plain paper. FIGURE 22.29
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Delegation is the number one way for managers to get things done in their organizations. Ref lect for a few moments on what you have learned in this chapter; then ask yourself the following questions:
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As mentioned earlier in this chapter, you can choose an overall color scheme for your screen using the Themes tab in Display Properties. You can further refine the general appearance of program windows and buttons, colors, and the size of text on the screen using options in the Appearance tab. That Appearance tab is fairly straightforward. You choose general look and feel from the Windows and Buttons drop-down list. Then, you can choose a color scheme and font size from the options with those names. The Preview area shows you how your selected options will look when you click OK or Apply. The Effects and Advanced buttons on the Appearance tab give you superfine control over the colors and text sizes. Clicking the Advanced button opens the Advanced Appearance dialog box shown at left in Figure 6-4. The Effects button leads to the options shown in the right half of that same figure. (But you can only have one open at a time).
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