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Search indexes are nothing new. Database people have been using them for decades. Every time you do an Internet search, you re actually searching an index of Web sites somewhere. Windows XP and other operating systems allow for some limited indexed searching through add-on programs. But Windows Vista is the first Windows version to have indexed searching its own built-in search engine built in from the ground up. People in the software business understand the value of that. As the years roll by, new versions of old programs will include the ability to tag files and set properties at the moment you first save the program. When you save a new file, be sure to look around for any options in the Save As dialog box that allow you to add tags or properties. Figure 31-6 shows an example where I m in the Save As dialog box for a Microsoft Word 2007 document. As you can see, the dialog box allows me to add tags, a title, subject, categories, and comments right on the spot. When you re faced with such options, think about words you might want to type into a Search box to find the file in the future. Ask yourself If I need this thing six months from now and forget its file name, what word might I use to search for it or How should I categorize this file in relation to other similar kinds of documents As your collection of files grows, and your searching skills grow, the few moments you spend thinking up keywords for tags and properties will pay off in spades. FIGURE 31.6
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o be successful in the food service industry, cooks need more than the ability to prepare delicious, attractive, and nutritious foods. They also must have a talent for organization and ef ciency. In every kitchen, a great many tasks must be completed over a given time and by a limited number of workers. No matter when these tasks are done, they all must come together at one crucial point: service time. Only if advance preparation is done thoroughly and systematically will service go smoothly. Good chefs take pride in the thoroughness and quality of their advance preparation, or mise en place (meez-on-plahss). This French term, meaning everything put in place, has become almost a professional password in North American kitchens because food service professionals understand its importance to the success of the establishment. This chapter deals with the basic concepts of mise en place as well as speci c operations that are normally part of the mise en place.
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Part III Modeling
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Box 2.1 Case study: Apricot Computers In the mid-1980s, the British computer manufacturer Apricot found itself competing ercely against Amstrad, IBM, Apple and other makes for a growing share of the lucrative PC market. Pro ts were under pressure and the company had to make major decisions about which parts of its business to expand and which to contract or close down. At the time the parent company ACT was not only selling computers, but was also servicing and repairing them, as well as designing, selling and supporting nancial software. There were three major divisions to the business: making computers, servicing them, designing and selling software. So where were the problems It was felt that ACT was principally in the manufacturing business, but getting rid of manufacturing was unacceptable because the company believed that maintenance and software sales derived principally from customers who owned Apricot computers. Besides, what was ACT without its agship product, Apricot computers Pro t in the maintenance and software businesses was dependent on sales of Apricot machines, it was thought. A breakthrough came when a closer analysis of the data revealed that new sales of maintenance contracts and software were increasingly to non-Apricot customers. So a careful analysis of the sources of pro ts (where pro ts came from) enabled Apricot to come to the conclusion that PC sales were no longer a vital component of overall business pro tability and that the other two businesses could stand on their own. This realization enabled ACT to change its strategy, reduce dependence on PC sales and eventually dispose of the manufacturing operations to Fujitsu.
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1. The ______________ has a corresponding futures contract that is traded at the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) and re ects one very important aspect of many people s lives: mortgage interest rates. A. S&P 500. B. OEX. C. Ten-year note. D. Crude oil. 2. In a typical situation, if interest rates go up, bond prices ______________. A. Go up. B. Go down. C. Stay the same. D. Go either way you can never really tell. 3. Bond prices and the stock market should ______________. A. Go in the same direction. B. Have an inverse relationship. C. Go in opposite directions. D. Have no relationship whatsoever. 4. If interest rates go sideways, stock prices will probably ______________. A. Rise. B. Fall. C. Go sideways. D. Rise at rst and then fall steadily. 5. There are periods when a/an ______________ occurs and stock prices rise regardless of whether interest rates go up or down. A. Inverse relationship. B. Contrarian effect. C. Divergence. D. Momentum push.
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They are fired from the job. This kind of elimination probably works in other tissues as well, to ensure that cells survive when and where they are needed. 128
Deming versus U.S. Automakers
From the previous work we have noted the bene t of integral action in a closed loop system as a means of ensuring that the steady state error is reduced to zero as a result of its inherent high gain at low frequency (in nite at zero frequency). The 90 degree phase lag that accompanies this device, however, can be troublesome in the transition frequency range where the open loop gain crosses the 0 dB line and stability margins are established. One way to circumvent this problem is to introduce a proportional path into the error signal line such that the proportional and integral components are developed in parallel and their individual outputs summed as shown in Figure 3.1. The output from this proportional plus integral control arrangement is simply the error multiplied by K I + KP which is the sum of the integral D and proportional path contributions. Intuitively it can be seen that at high frequencies, the integrator will become greatly attenuated (because the D term, i.e. j , becomes large) and therefore the proportional path will dominate the control output. Similarly at very low frequencies, the integrator will have a high gain and therefore its output will be the dominant term in the control output.
If you plan on using the Applied IK method, set the Threshold values in the Inverse Kinematics panel of the Preference Settings dialog box to small values in order to ensure accurate results.
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