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Dinner is usually the main meal and is eaten in a more leisurely fashion than either breakfast or lunch.Of course,some people are in a hurry in the evening,too,but,in general, people come to a restaurant to relax over a substantial meal. Dinner menus offer more selections and more courses.Not surprisingly,prices and check averages are also higher than at lunch.
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FIGURE 54.13
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Substitute grated sharp cheddar cheese for the blue cheese. If desired, add chopped chives.
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The Value property of a tab control indicates which page is currently selected. It returns an integer that indicates the position of the selected page in the Pages collection. For example, if the first page in a tab control is selected, the Value property returns 0, the index number of the first page
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Advanced Delta Neutral Strategies
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Getting Started, Getting Secure
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SetValue, SetWarnings, ShowToolbar, SingleStep, TransferSharePointList, TransferSpreadsheet, TransferSQLDatabase, and TransferText. The following is the list of acceptable macro actions: SetOrderBy, BrowseTo, ClearMacroError, CloseWindow, GoToControl, GoToRecord, MessageBox, OnError, OpenForm, OpenReport, RefreshRecord, RemoveAllTempVars, RemoveTempVar, Requery, RunCommand (only UndoRecord, SaveRecord, and DeleteRecord), RunDataMacro, RunMacro, SetFilter, SetLocalVar, SetOrderBy, SetProperty, SetTempVar, StopAllMacros, and StopMacro.
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Example 1 C1, C2 exe Example 2 C1, C2 exe Example 3 C1, C2 exe C1, C2, C3 dll 1 static link C1, C2 dll 2 C1, C2, C3 dll 1 dynamic load C1, C2 dll 2 C1, C2, C3 dll 1 dynamic load dll 2 C1
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developers to embrace. One neat feature of the new macros is the ability to schedule macros to run through Outlook. This is a very powerful feature for automatic imports, exports, or report generation. Most important, perhaps, is the new macro editor (shown in Figure B.13). The new macro editor is much easier to use than in previous versions of Access. All the available macro actions are listed in the Action Catalog on the right side of the macro editor, while the macro itself is displayed as a top-down, hierarchical listing of macro actions and their properties.
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FIGURE 5.12 Setting the modeling context in the LAMBDES toolkit.
If you ve enabled phishing scam protection, e-mail messages that could be phishing scams are marked by a red shield with the message header shown in red. You ll also see options to Delete or Unblock the message. There s no way for Windows Mail to know for sure if an e-mail is really a phishing scam. It s just looking for deceptive links in the message.
The functional testing elements (both environmental and data) of the S60-based phone PIM features are introduced in this section. Contacts testing needs terminal prototypes, several SIM cards with different maximum sizes for memory entities (one SIM card with full memory), an IrDA device to receive contact cards, a Bluetooth device to receive contact cards, another S60 or GSM phone to receive SMS messages and SIM cards with and without service numbers. Calendar testing needs terminal prototypes, a GSM Network, MMSC, Email servers and IrDA- and BT-capable devices. Notes testing needs terminal prototypes, a GSM network, MMSC and Email server. Clock testing needs terminal prototypes and a GSM network that supports NITZ. File Manager testing needs terminal prototypes, a GSM network, MMSC, Email server, IrDA and BT devices and the chosen types of MMC card. As data, some images (in, for example, the following formats: jpeg, gif, bmp, wbmp and tiff), a GSM picture le, a link le, a sound le (that can be played with MediaPlayer), a play list, a ringing tone le, a sis le, a video le, one corrupted le and one unsupported le are needed as well. Remote Synchronization testing needs terminal prototypes, a GSM network, a remote sync server and a PC.
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