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If you re working with Text fields instead of a Yes/No field and know a certain Text field can only be one of a few combinations, select the combo box choice for the display control. Figure 2.24 shows the Lookup tab when combo box has been selected as the display control for the Credit Status field. There are only two acceptable values for Credit Status: OK and Not OK. These two values (separated by a semicolon) are specified as the combo box s Row Source, and the Row Source Type is set to Value List.
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The operators ( next ), P ( always in the future ), and ( eventually ) of linear temporal logic can be de ned in terms of the activation times of execution instances. For example, P ( holds at all future instants ) is interpreted as meaning holds at all future activation times of an action of the system : (PS ) t i : N1 ( 1 , i) t i : N1 ( n , i) t ( 1 , i) ( n , i)
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Part II
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The introduction of paper money into Europe by Napoleon in the early 1800s, and of other valuable documents such as bearer securities and passports, kicked off a battle between security printers and counterfeiters that exhibits many of the characteristics of a coevolution of predators and prey. Photography (1839) helped the attackers, then color printing and steel etching (1850s) the defenders. In recent years, the color copier and the cheap scanner have been countered by holograms and other optically variable devices. Sometimes, the same people are involved on both sides, as when a government s intelligence services try to forge another government s passports (and in some cases, even its currency, as both sides did in World War II). On occasion, the banknote designers succumb to the Titanic effect, of believing too much in the latest technology, and place too much faith in some particular trick. An example comes from the forgery of British banknotes in the 1990s. These notes have a window thread a metal strip through the paper about 1 mm wide that comes to the paper surface every 8 mm. When you look at the note in reflected light, it appears to have a dotted metallic line running across it, but when you hold it up and view it through transmitted light, the metal strip is dark and solid. Duplicating this was thought to be hard, but a criminal gang came up with a beautiful hack. They used a cheap hot-stamping process to lay down a metal strip on the surface of the paper, then printed a pattern of solid bars over it using white ink to leave the expected metal pattern visible. At their trial, they were found to have forged tens of millions of pounds worth of notes over a period of several years [299]. (There may also have been a complacency issue here, as European banks tend to believe that forgers will go for the U.S. notes, which have only three colors.)
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Integrated Activity-Based Costing With Product Costing
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The Sharpening Stone
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Part III: More-Advanced Access Techniques
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P r o c e d u r e
In the following sections we look in turn at the building blocks of organization: structure, people, processes and systems. In practice, though, all of these aspects have to work together, so when overhauling or designing an organization we cannot simply deal with each building block sequentially we need to bear the others in mind. We create organizations in order to enable people to work together in pursuit of a purpose; an organization is rst and foremost its people. Getting performance from those people begins with getting a good match between the jobs to be done and the people doing them, and ensuring that the jobs that people are asked to do are viable. Remember, a badly put-together organization can actually impede rather than enhance people s capability. So before we can put people into the organization, we rst have to consider what they are needed for and how the work of the organization can best be structured.
Mean number of jobs: K&, F&(1,1) F&(1,1)
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