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Here s a bizarre-sounding option that has to do with pictures shown in the Thumbnails view in folders. Normally this option is disabled, so that copies of thumbnail images in a folder are stored in memory. The advantage to that approach is that the thumbnail images appear quickly when you re switching among open folders. The only downside to caching the thumbnails is that it eats up a little memory. There s also a slight chance that if you change an image, the cached thumbnail image may not accurately reflect the actual image that the thumbnail represents. If your computer has very limited memory, and you re trying to conserve all you can, you can choose Do not cache thumbnails to
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Wacky Picture Properties
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Variant 1
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Part III Managing Files and Folders
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152 Apocalyptic Movements in the Modern Era
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If you re installing an upgrade version of a program, the installation procedure will check to make sure that you own a product that qualifies you for the upgrade. You may see a prompt, like the example shown in Figure 45-2, telling you when this step is about to take place. If a qualifying earlier version of the program is installed on your computer, just click OK and that should be the end of that step in the process.
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To nd the total return on our investments for any time interval, we must know the value of our investments at the start of the interval and at the end of the interval. But what value Book value (the price we paid for an investment) or market value To understand our investments at any time, we must focus on a single value market value the price at which we could most realistically sell those investments at that time. That s what our investments are worth. Book values are helpful to auditors, and accounting rules require that book values be taken into consideration. (Book values are also extremely important to taxable investors.) But for purposes of understanding our taxfree investments, book values are not helpful. I often refer to book values as an historical accident. Book value is the price we happened to have paid for our investment on the day we happened to have bought it. A comparison of an investment s market and book values is not enlightening. If the value of our investment is up 50% since we bought it, is that good If we bought it only a year ago, that s
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''Software engineering for interactive system design is not simply a matter of adding one more activity that slots in nicely with the existing activities in the life cycle. Rather, it involves techniques which span the entire life cycle." [Dix et al., 1998, p. 1791
Chantilly Dressing
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Use-Restricted Endowment
Fig. 12.18
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