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3. Press the M key to open the Material Editor, and select the first sample slot. Select the map shortcut for the Diffuse color, and select the Raytrace map type in the Material/ Map Browser. Then drag the Raytrace map in the Map rollout from the Diffuse Color to the Reflection map, and select the Instance option in the Copy Map dialog box that appears. Then enable the Faceted option; set the Opacity to 50, the Specular Level to 95, and the Glossiness to 30; and drag the material to the sphere object. 4. Select Create Lights Standard Lights mr Area Omni, and click in the Top viewport to create four lights that surround the sphere object. In the Modify panel, change the Multiplier value to 0.3 for each of these lights, and offset each light vertically from the others. 5. Open the Render Scene dialog box (F10), and switch the Production Renderer in the Assign Renderer rollout of the Common panel to the mental ray Renderer. In the Indirect Illumination panel, enable the Caustics option and the Radius option, and set the Radius value to 1.0. Enable the All Objects Generate and Receive Caustics & GI option. Then click the Render button. Figure 47-17 shows the resulting disco scene with thousands of lights visible on the walls.
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Conversion of Data Types from dBASE to Access
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10.3.8 Messaging
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You probably know that the following expression in an unbound text box prints the current page and the number of pages contained in the report:
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The next question is how to deal with the side effects of suppressing certain statistics. Suppose, for example, that a university wants to release average grades for various combinations of courses, so that people can check that the grading is fair across courses. Suppose now that the table in Figure 8.4, contains the number of students studying two science subjects, one as their major subject and one as their minor subject. Next suppose that our minimum query set size is 3 (if we set it at 2, then either of the two students who studied geology with chemistry could trivially work out the other s grade); then we cannot release the average for geology with chemistry. But if the average for chemistry is known, then this can easily be reconstructed from the averages for biology with chemistry and physics with chemistry. Therefore, we have to suppress at least one other average in the chemistry row; and for similar reasons we need to suppress one in the geology column. But if we suppress geology with biology and physics with chemistry, then we d also better suppress physics with biology to prevent these values being worked out in turn. The remaining table is shown in Figure 8.5.
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The easiest way to adjust the size of text boxes on a form in tiny increments is to hold down the Shift key and press the arrow key corresponding to Table 20.2.
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