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Exhibit 9.14
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Customer Groups
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The Great Whistleblower Debacle
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Not watching market-moving news can also impact your trade badly. You can be trading a stock all day, and it will be moving consistently. But all it takes is some company news, or another major market announcement, for your stock to start moving very quickly in one direction, hopefully not against you. You ve got to be prepared for that development. When the Federal Reserve Board (Fed) announces interest rate drops or hikes, that s when you ve got to look out. As a beginner, I had no idea how much the Fed in uences the market. Even with a B.S. in business, I was clueless. I d be in a trade and the Fed would announce its intentions, and immediately the whole market would go haywire. This would last for about an hour. Whatever stock I was in would move too, and it would almost always stop/loss me out of my trade. Earnings is another kind of stock news that can dramatically in uence your trade. If the stock you re trading is coming out with an after-market earnings announcement or the next morning s premarket earnings, either way you ll see a volatility increase. The price direction will be very hard to read. Also, industry leader stocks that have earnings can directly in uence your stock. For instance, say you re trading a software company that is mid-cap (mid-range in terms of capitalization), and Microsoft has its earnings released while you re in the trade. Your company will most likely feel Microsoft s earnings effects, and accordingly, your stock s price may jump up or shoot down. But some news is best left alone and ignored. You should never be trading when news is the major factor in the stock price movements. You should wait to see where the stock settles after the volatility subsides. By waiting, you won t get burned. How many times have you seen this: Great news comes out and the stock price shoots up 10 percent in the rst ve minutes For example, a $50 stock shoots up $5, to $55. Then, in the next ve minutes, you watch the stock retrace about $4. You can easily get whiplashed out of those trades. They can instantly turn your hair grey. Why do that to yourself For elaboration on all the news issues that a day trader has to deal with, see 15, Why News Can Be Just Noise. Remember: the most valuable lessons you ll ever learn will come from your own blunders. In this chapter I ve mentioned some common mistakes. Be aware of which ones you re making: It s up to you to address them. Your missteps are very expensive lessons, so learn from them. Don t shrug them
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Saut ing, Pan-Frying, and Deep-Frying
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1.0 Frequency (rads/sec)
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It s somewhat unfortunate that Microsoft put the Switch User button where they did. When most people see it, they ll assume that it s the best button to push to get to some other user account. It s not. The Switch User button should be used only for those brief, temporary user account switches described previously. As the administrator of the computer, you might seriously consider disabling the Switch User button if other computer users insist on leaving their user accounts open. The last thing you need, as an administrator, is more headaches, and Switch User is one of the leading causes of administrator headaches. Also worth mentioning is that there are two ways to control how users log on. One is to use the Welcome screen you ve seen earlier in this chapter. The other is to use the more traditional Windows Logon window. The latter method is generally used in corporate domain networks. As an Administrator, you can control both the logon method and the Switch User option by following these steps: 1. Click the Start button and choose Control Panel. 2. Get to the main User Accounts window. (If you re using Category view, click on User Accounts, then click on the User Accounts icon that appears on the second page). 3. Under Pick a Task on the main User Accounts page (see Figure 7-15), click Change the way users log on or off. Then, make your choices as follows:
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1+1 and 1:N SONET APS.
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1. Plan ahead. Making a sketch is a good idea.Otherwise,you might have half the food on the platter and suddenly realize you have to start over because everything doesn t t the way you had hoped.The result is wasted time and excessive handling of food. One way to start a sketch is to divide the platter into six or eight equal parts,as in Figure 28.1.This helps you avoid lopsided or crooked arrangements by giving you equally spaced markers as guides. It is relatively easy, then, to sketch in a balanced, symmetrical layout, as the examples show. Plan for movement in your design. This doesn t mean that you should mount the food on little wheels. It means that a good design makes the eye move across the platter, following the lines you have set up. Most food for platters consists of single small portions arranged in rows or lines.The trick is to put movement into those lines by curving or angling them, as shown in Figure 28.2. In general, curves and angles are said to have movement. Square corners do not. Give the design a focal point. This is the function of the centerpiece,which emphasizes and strengthens the design by giving it direction and height.This may be done directly, by having the lines point at it,or more subtly,by having the lines angle toward it or sweep around it in graceful curves. Again,see Figures 28.1 and 28.2. Note that the centerpiece isn t always in the center, in spite of its name. Because of its height, it should be at the back or toward the side so it doesn t hide the food. Remember, you are designing the platter from the customer s point of view. It s not necessary for every platter on the buffet to have a centerpiece. Some of them should, however, or the buffet will lack height and be less interesting to the eye. Keep items in proportion. The main items on the platter the slices of meat, p t , or whatever should look like the main items.The centerpiece should not be so large or so tall that it totally dominates the platter.The garnish should enhance, not overwhelm, the main item in size, height, or quantity.The number of portions of garnish should be in proportion to the amount of the main item. The size of the platter should be in proportion to the amount of food. Don t select one that is so small as to become crowded or so large as to look almost empty even before the rst guest has arrived. Keep enough space between items or between rows so the platter doesn t look jumbled or confused. Figure 28.1 indicates placement of garnish as well as of the main item. Note how the arrangement of garnish reflects or accents the pattern established by the sliced foods. Let the guest see the best side of everything. Angle overlapping slices and wedge-shaped pieces toward the customer.Make sure the best side of each slice is face up.
mulate his expertise as a set of patterns about classical music composition. He would like to write the body text with his favourite word processor, then convert it and add audio or score examples to the material for clarification.
Importing an Excel file with the same name as a linked Excel file could cause problems. Give the newly imported table a new name to avoid issues, unless you actually intend to replace an existing table.
Note: These are made from duchesse potato mixture. The procedure for duchesse potatoes is repeated here for the sake of convenience. Portions: 20 Portion size: 3 pieces, 11 2 oz (40 g) each U.S. Metric Ingredients P r o c e d u r e 7 lb 4 oz to taste to taste to taste 10 3 kg 100 g to taste to taste to taste 10 Potatoes, peeled and quartered Butter Salt White pepper Nutmeg Egg yolks 1. Steam the potatoes or simmer in salted water until tender. (Steaming is preferable because it results in a drier product.) Drain in a colander (if simmered) and let dry in an oven for a few minutes. 2. Pass the potatoes through a food mill or ricer. 3. Add the butter and mix to a smooth paste. Season to taste with salt, pepper, and nutmeg. 4. Set over moderate re and stir the mixture to dry it out well. If it is not dry enough, the croquettes will not hold their shape. Alternative method: Add enough cornstarch or dry potato starch to absorb excess moisture and stiffen the mixture. 5. Remove from the re, add the egg yolks, and beat in thoroughly. 6. To shape croquettes, two methods are available: (a) Spread the mixture out to cool in a pan, cover with plastic or buttered paper to keep a crust from forming, and refrigerate. Dust hands with our and shape potatoes by hand into cylinders the shape of corks, about 2 in. (5 cm) long. They should be about 11 2 oz (40 g) each. (b) Dust sheet pans with our. Place the warm potato mixture in a pastry bag tted with a large, plain tip. Bag out the potatoes into long strips on the pans (see Figure 18.1). With a knife, cut the strips into 2-in. (5 cm) lengths. 7. Set up the breading station and pass the potatoes through Standard Breading Procedure (p. 143). 8. At service time, fry croquettes in deep fat at 350 F (175 C) until golden brown. Drain well. 9. Serve immediately, 3 pieces per portion.
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Are the emotional and experiential aspects of the purchase important Is consumption of your product highly visible to others Are most of your products frequently purchased consumer goods Is the purchase-decision process relatively simple Is it dif cult to evaluate the quality of your products or services prior to consumption or use Is advertising the primary form of communication to your customer
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