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An Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa code of conduct governs advertising of alcohol. All forms of alcohol may be advertised freely on radio, television and in print. Sports sponsorship by the alcohol industry is very high, especially for cricket, rugby and soccer. In 1997 the Department of Health established a committee to look at counter-advertising and warning labels, and another to look at possible restrictions on broadcast advertising and sports sponsorships.
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The different types of queueing systems are analyzed mathematically to determine performance measures from the description of the system. Because a queueing model represents a dynamic system, the values of the performance measures vary with time. Normally, however, we are content with the results in the steady-state. The system is said to be in steady state when all transient behavior has ended, the system has settled down, and the values of the performance measures are independent of time. The system is then said to be in statistical equilibrium, i.e., the rate at which jobs enter the system is equal to the rate at which jobs leave the system. Such a system is also called a stable system. Transient solutions of simple queueing systems are available in closed-form, but for more general cases, we need to resort to Markov chain techniques as described in 5. Recall that the generation and the solution of large Markov chains can be automated via stochastic reward nets [MuTr92]. The most important performance measures are: Probability of the Number of Jobs in the System rk: It is often possible to describe the behavior of a queueing system by means of the probability vector of the number of jobs in the system rk. The mean values of most of the other interesting performance measures can be deduced from 7 rk: xk = P[there are Ic jobs in the system]. Utilization p: If the queueing system consists of a single server, then the utilization p is the fraction of the time in which the server is busy, i.e., occupied. In case there is no limit on the number of jobs in the single server queue, the server utilization is given by: P= mean service time arrival rate X = I-* mean interarrival time service rate p (6.3)
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The Management of Patients with Acute Wounds 185
At the end of each month, a sophisticated custodian provides the client the following statements for each account and for the overall fund:
USHAHIDI CASE EXAMPLES On its official Web site, the organization cites the following use-cases of its first-generation Ushahidi platform over the past several years:17 Stop Stockouts is an initiative to track near real-time stockouts of medical supplies at pharmacies (in a medical store or health facility) in Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, and Zambia. The Computer Professionals Union in the Philippines created the initiative called TXTpower, an effort to keep an eye on the mobile phone companies by ordinary citizens. The Cuidemos el Voto mashup is an independent platform to help monitor the federal elections of 5 July 2009 in Mexico. Ushahidi set up a site to track the Swine Flu reports coming in from official and unofficial sources at The Team also created a way for citizen reports to be submitted (they remain unverified). Vote Report India is a collaborative citizen-driven election monitoring platform for the 2009 Indian general elections. Al Jazeera uses Ushahidi in their War on Gaza Web site covering the activity happening in Gaza in January 2009. Unsung Peace Heroes is a campaign developed by Butterfly Works and Media Focus on Africa Foundation. The goal is to nominate people who did extraordinary things for their fellow citizens or their country during and after the post-election violence in Kenya. Kenya: The initial mashup, used to track reports of incidents of violence around Kenya. South Africa: Used to map xenophobic attacks perpetrated against non-South Africans.
88 Your Financial Action Plan
4 A Time and Place for Everything
Example 7.3 Consider a closed queueing network (see Fig. 7.10) consisting of N = 3 nodes with exponentially distributed service times and the following service rates: ,LJ~ 4sec- , ~2 = lsec-l, and ,93 = 2sec-l. There = are K = 2 jobs in the network and the routing probabilities are given as: p12 = 0.4, p13 = 0.6, and p21 = p31 = 1. The following states are possible in the network: (2,0, O), ((4% O), (O,O, 3,
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