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45 Using Atmospheric Effects
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The process of reconstruction.
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Caution The documents you download and create yourself aren t system files. Ditto for e-mail messages, names and addresses, account information and passwords. System Restore never backs up such items, and therefore can t be used to recover such items if you accidentally delete them.
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Access opens a blank report in Layout view, and positions a Field List dialog box on top of the new report (see Figure 9.25).
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ment activity in which plain clothes of cers cited licensed establishments that were serving visibly intoxicated patrons showed a three-fold increase in refusals of service to pseudopatrons simulating signs of intoxication and a one-fourth drop in the percentage of arrested drivers coming from bars and restaurants (McKnight & Streff, 1994). The savings in accident costs were estimated at $90 for each enforcement dollar. The ef ciency of alcohol-control efforts can be enhanced by focusing enforcement on establishments that are the most persistent violators. Arrested drivers queried for the sources of their last drinks can identify the greatest sources of trouble. As early as 1977, the California Department of Beverage Control undertook a program targeting establishments identi ed by motorists convicted of alcohol-impaired driving as sources of their last drink (Mosher & Wallack, 1979). Presently, several communities, as part of their alcoholcontrol efforts, target establishments that are the last-drink source in information collected by police or other agencies processing alcohol-impaired drivers.
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Look for these signs of high-quality potatoes: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Firm and smooth, not soft or shriveled. Dry skin. Shallow eyes. No sprouts. Sprouting potatoes are high in sugar. No green color. Green areas develop on potatoes stored in light.These areas contain a substance called solanine,which has a bitter taste and is poisonous in large quantities. All green parts should be cut off before cooking. Absence of cracks, blemishes, and rotten spots.
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Using the Depth of Field effect
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Virtual machine software provides another approach to using multiple operating systems on a single computer. You can download and use Microsoft Virtual PC for free from www.microsoft.com/ windows/virtualPC. Or browse to search.microsoft.com and search for Vista Virtual PC for more specific information. You can also use a third-party product like VMware described at www. vmware.com/products/.
For more information on data macros, turn to 15.
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