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If rs.BOF = rs.EOF Then Debug.Print No records to process Exit Sub End If BOF and EOF are the same value only when the recordset contains no records. (In this case, both are True at the same time.)
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Asymmetric SCAT (ASCAT) The core of the SCAT algorithm is a single step of the MVA in which the formula for the mean response time, Eq. (10.174), is approximated so that it depends only on K and not on (K- 1). However, it is necessary to estimate the marginal probabilities ni(j 1K - 1) that need a lot of computation time. For this reason, another formula for the mean response time is derived from Eq. (6.29). This derivation depends only on i and pi. For -/M/l nodes we apply Little s theorem to the following equation:
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To do and notice: This part explains briefly what to do with the exhibit, which buttons to push or levers to move, and what to look for in the system reaction. For example, an exhibit on glass fibres would tell the user to press a button to light a lamp, and to observe how the light comes out of the end of a bent glass fibre.
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34: Troubleshooting Files and Folders . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 821
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Using the Insert Page and Delete Page methods to add new pages or delete existing pages from a tab control is not very practical for a number of reasons:
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Compatibility Checker does a good job of flagging Access 2010 database issues that will cause problems when publishing the application to SharePoint. Virtually every part of an Access application may cause compatibility issues, from a table s design to the actions in a simple macro. The issues caught by Compatibility Checker are not suggestions for making the application better. You are required to correct the issues reported by Compatibility Checker; otherwise the publish to Access Services process will not succeed. Some of the most common problems reported by Compatibility Checker are described in this section.
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ming, through hardening equipment to resist high-power microwave attack, to the destruction of enemy jammers using anti-radiation missiles. nition to allow effective attack and protection. It allows commanders to search for, identify and locate sources of intentional and unintentional electromagnetic energy.
During that period of time, there appeared a lot of clones and variations of yacc. That s why it is so important to learn the yacc principles that remain unchanged. Yacc is essentially an LALR(1) parser generator. It takes an extended LR(1) grammar and generates LALR(1) parsing tables. The parser itself is part of the yacc library liby.a (in UNIX notation). In addition, yacc also generates a semantic analyzer, based on the semantic actions attached to each rule of the input LR grammar. Both the LR parser and the semantic analyzer generated by yacc are major parts of the compiler front-end, so we can regard yacc as a compiler front-end generator. The input le of yacc (used to have the name extension of .y) is a speci cation of LR grammar of the source language, enhanced by syntax-directed translation schemes for each syntax rule. It means that, for each syntax rule, there are semantic actions associated to that rule. In yacc, semantic actions are de ned in C, and the output of yacc is also generated in C. The output of yacc is LALR(1) parser tables (stored into the le yy.tab.c) and the header le yy.tab.h with token classes and other related de nitions. As for the LALR parser itself, it is implemented in yacc as the yyparse() routine and is located in the yacc library (liby.a in UNIX version). The following clones and enhancements of yacc are known:
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Aaker and Joachimsthaler tell us that each brand in a portfolio should be assigned one or more of the following roles: Strategic Role the brand is an important source of future pro ts. Linchpin Role the brand provides a key basis for customer loyalty. For example, Hilton Rewards is a linchpin brand for Hilton Hotels. Silver Bullet the brand positively in uences the image of another brand. For example, IBM s Thinkpad brand boosted public perceptions of IBM. Cash Cow the brand has a signi cant customer base and does not require the level of investment of other brands, therefore it can be used to generate funds that can be invested in strategic, linchpin, and silver-bullet brands.
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