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The use of EPOCSTACKSIZE only applies when building a binary for the phone and is not supported for WINSCW emulator builds. The stack size is not actually limited on the emulator, since the stack will expand as needed to the much larger limit set by the Windows platform. EPOCHEAPSIZE is an optional keyword and is not used in the example above. It can be used to specify the minimum and maximum sizes (either as decimal or hexadecimal values) of the initial heap for a process; the default sizes are 4 KB minimum and 1 MB maximum. The minimum size speci es the RAM that is initially mapped for the heap s use. The process can then obtain more heap memory on demand until the maximum value is reached. The values speci ed are rounded up to a multiple of the page size (4 KB). EXPORTUNFROZEN is an optional keyword which can be used by DLLs that are not frozen to have complete .def les. The .lib import library is created and all exported functions, even unfrozen ones, appear in the import library.
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1 Exploring the Max Interface
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Summary and Consequences
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Case Studies
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FIGURE 30.18
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The About box should be accessible from a Help menu or from a button on your switchboard form. The submenu title should be About My Application. Of course, substitute Your program name here with your application s actual name.
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Training staff in this way is more important than most technical protection measures. But the best staff training in the world won t protect a system in which too many people see too much data. There will always be staff who are careless or even crooked; and the more records they can see, the more harm they can do. In one high-profile case, a convicted child rapist working as an orthopedic technician at Newton-Wellesley Hospital in Newton, Massachusetts, was caught using a former employee s password to go through the records of 954 patients to get the phone numbers of girls to whom he then made obscene phone calls [136]. He ended up doing jail time. There are many more incidents of a less dramatic nature. Even where staff behave ethically, a lack of technical understanding can lead to leaks. Old PCs sold on the second-hand market or given to schools often have recoverable data on their hard disks; most people are unaware that the usual delete command does not remove the file, but merely marks the space it occupies as reusable. In a recent headline case, a PC sold on the second-hand market by investment bank Morgan Grenfell Asset Management had recoverable files containing the financial dealings of ex-Beatle Paul McCartney [153]. There have been very similar problems with old health records. Even where staff are honest and conscientious, equipment can still get stolen; some 11 percent of U.K. family doctors have experienced the theft of a practice PC, and in one case two prominent society ladies were blackmailed over terminations of pregnancy following such a theft [23]. The likelihood that a resource will be abused depends on its value and the number of people who have access to it. Aggregating personal information into large databases increases both these risk factors at the same time. Put simply, we can live with a situation in which a doctor s receptionist has access to 2,000 patients records: there will be abuse from time to time, but at a tolerably low level. However, if the receptionists of the 5,000 family doctors who might work with a large American HMO, or of the 32,000 in Britain s National Health Service, all had access to the records of tens of millions of patients, then abuse would be likely. In a notable recent case, the U.S. Veterans Administration is being sued in a class action for violating the privacy of its 180,000 employees; their system makes part of their records visible to their colleagues (and to some patients). And privacy issues aren t limited to organizations that treat patients directly; some of the largest collections of personal health information are in the hands of health insurers and research organizations. I discuss their special problems in Section 8.3. Lateral information flow controls are required even for systems on a much smaller scale. A good illustration comes from a hospital system whose designers believed that for reasons of safety, all staff should have access to all records. This design decision was influenced by lobbying from geriatricians and pediatricians, whose patients are often treated by a number of specialist departments in the hospital; they were frustrated by the incompatibilities between different departmental systems. The system was first fielded in England in Hampshire, where then health minister Gerry Malone had his parliamentary seat. The system made all lab tests performed for local doctors at the hospital s pathology lab visible to most of the hospital s staff. A nurse who had had a test done by her family doctor complained to him after she found the result on the hospital system at Basingstoke where she worked; this caused outrage among local medics, and Malone lost his seat in Parliament at the 1997 election (by two votes) [32].
The print queue for managing print jobs appears when you double-click (or click) the printer s icon in the Printers and Faxes folder. You can also get to the print-queue by doubleclicking the little printer icon in the Notification area, shown in Figure 22-1. But that icon might appear only briefly. So, double-clicking that icon isn t always an option. Figure 22-1: Printer icon in the Notification area
Event output Event input
Exhibit 5.27
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