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Criteria1 And Criteria2 And Criteria3 (all must be True) Criteria4 (this can be True and either/both of the other two lines can be False) Criteria5 (this can be True and either/both of the other two lines can be False)
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Figure 10.7 Beef bone structure
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Layout view of a new report based on tblProducts
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The occurrence of a lapse, while not a catastrophe, cannot be viewed as a totally harmless event. It is a moment of crisis that combines both danger and opportunity, with the most dangerous period immediately following the slip. There are several recommended strategies, or relapse emergency procedures, to employ whenever a lapse occurs. These can be presented to clients in summary form by the use of a reminder card that should be kept handy in the event that a lapse occurs. Since speci c coping strategies will vary from client to client, therapists may wish to help a particular client prepare an individualized reminder card that ts that person s unique set of vulnerabilities and resources. The following strategies for coping with lapse and the AVE are adapted from Relapse Prevention (Marlatt & Gordon, 1985): Stop, look and listen. The rst thing to do when a lapse occurs is to stop the ongoing ow of events and to look and listen to what is happening. The lapse is a warning signal indicating that you are in danger. 2. Keep calm. The rst reaction to a lapse may be one of feeling guilty and blaming oneself for what has happened. This is a normal reaction and is to be expected. Give yourself enough time to allow this reaction to arise and to pass away, just like an ocean wave that builds in strength, peaks at a crest, and then ebbs away. 3. Renew your commitment. After a lapse, the most dif cult problem to deal with is motivation. You may feel like giving up. Think back over the reasons why you decided to change your behavior in the rst place. Renew your commitment. 4. Review the situation leading up to the lapse. Don t yield to the tendency to blame yourself for what happened. Instead, look at the slip as a speci c unique event. Ask yourself the following questions. What events led up to the slip Were there any early 1.
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Tip If your computer doesn t have an IEEE 1394 port, you can add one inexpensively. Go to any store that sells computer hardware, or an online store like www.tigerdirect.com, and search for 1394 adapter.
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Toolbar Button Name Select and Manipulate Description Selects an object and allows parameter manipulation via a manipulator. Specifies the snap mode. 2D snaps only to the active construction grid, 2.5D snaps to the construction grid or to geometry projected from the grid, and 3D snaps to anywhere in 3D space. Causes rotations to snap to specified angles. Causes scaling to snap to specified percentages. Determines the amount a spinner value changes with each click. Opens a dialog box for creating and managing selection sets. Lists and allows you to select a set of named objects. Creates a mirrored copy of the selected object. Opens the alignment dialog box for positioning objects, allows objects to be aligned by their normals, determines the location of highlights, and aligns objects to a camera or view. Opens the Layer Manager interface where you can work with layers. Opens the Function Curves Editor. Opens the Schematic View window. Opens the Material Editor window. Opens the Render Scene dialog box for setting rendering options. Selects the area or objects to render. Produces a quick test rendering of the current viewport without opening the Render Scene dialog box.
Part IV Printing and Faxing
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