2.1 The Generic Closed Loop System
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As your collection of favorite Web sites and RSS feeds grows, you might find it useful to organize them into folders. That way, you won t be faced with a huge list of favorites each time you open your Favorites bar. To organize your favorites, click the Add to Favorites button (+) and choose Organize Favorites. Or choose Favorites Organize Favorites from Internet Explorer s menu bar. Either way, you ll be taken to the Organize Favorites window shown in Figure 17.18. To create a new folder, click the New Folder button, type a folder name, and press Enter. To create a subfolder within an existing folder, first open the parent folder. Then click New Folder and enter the subfolder name. To move a page or tab group into a folder, choose the item you want to move and then click Move. Click the folder into which you want to move the item and click OK. Or, just drag the item onto the folder into which you want to move it. To rename a link or folder, choose the item you want to rename, click Rename, type the new name, and press Enter.
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Figure 4.22: Lists of files in the Mac OS@Finder.
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X2(S + R)2 ____
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In the Parameters rollout, click the Add button above the bones list. This opens a Select Bones dialog box where you can select the bones to use to animate this skin. The selected bones appear in the bones list. The text field directly under the bones list lets you locate specific bones in the list by typing the name. Only one bone at a time may be selected from the list. The Remove button removes the selected bone from the bone list.
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10 Complete the forecast of pro t and loss accounts
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Saving Lives Data collected pre- and postintervention
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Critical aircraft control functions such as ight controls and engine power management were, by necessity, controlled using systems with mechanical interconnections and mechanisms because of the criticality of the function itself. Loss of control for any reason would likely mean loss of the aircraft (when something goes wrong at 30 000 ft you can t just pull over ). Early attempts during the 1950s to use the obvious bene ts afforded by the exibility of electronics were fraught with reliability problems due to the inability of electronic components of the day (such as thermionic valves/vacuum tubes) to withstand the hostile environment (primarily vibration and temperature effects) associated with the aircraft ight environment. Following the early failure of electronics to meet reliability expectations in the eld, innovations involving the use of hydromechanical and pneumomechanical technologies were developed to a high degree. This was particularly true with regard to engine control technology. This temporary diversion brought with it some exceptional technologies including uidics which were envisioned at the time as the answer to the environmental reliability problems of electronic controls. With the advent of the transistor and its miniaturization leading to very large scale integration (VLSI) technology and eventually single chip microprocessors, a revolution in the involvement of electronics throughout the aerospace industry began that continues to this day.
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If you re still with me, the rest is easy. Use the Create Message button to create a new e-mail message. Fill in the To and Subject lines, and type your message in the large pane just as you would when sending any other e-mail message. Then follow these steps:
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