Again Quick-draw considers his options. I can go back home to bed and wait until the price goes back up later, I can stop/loss right now and take the $9,750 loss, or I can average this baby down, and rodeo-ride it back up. Quick-draw chooses the Wild Bill approach. Eee-Hah!
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15: Using Editable Poly Objects . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 365
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Part III Modeling
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Per serving: Calories, 590; Protein, 11 g; Fat, 57 g (85% cal.); Cholesterol, 15 mg; Carbohydrates, 11 g; Fiber, 4 g; Sodium, 220 mg.
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The control of working capital has proved to be an enduring obstacle to successful growth of the smaller business. The reasons are not as arcane as they at rst seem: working capital, unlike xed capital, cannot be observed , it changes daily as new items are added or subtracted. It is a nancial phenomenon that many ownermanagers nd daunting. In the hurly-burly of managing the growing business, working capital is often ignored or inadequately supervised, giving rise to severe cash- ow problems. The right monitoring procedures and controls on working capital will ensure that potential problems are quickly identi ed and nipped in the bud. We will discuss these procedures and controls in logical balance sheet order: stock control, work-in-progress control, credit control, cash management and purchasing control.
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+isLeaf: Boolean
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Z Scale value columns and forces the scaling transformations to be uniform. To perform nonuniform scaling, simply deselect the Uniform check box. The Type of Object section lets you define whether the new objects are copies, instances, or references. If you plan on modeling all the objects in a similar manner, then you will want to select the Instance or Reference options. In the Array Dimensions section, you can specify the number of objects to copy along three different dimensions. You can also define incremental offsets for each individual row.
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Code to run the status-bar progress meter
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The last wizard screen (not shown) asks for the name of the new crosstab query. The results of this query are shown in Figure 18.33.
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Press F12 on your keyboard or click the Preview in Browser icon on the Document Toolbar. Fill out the fields and press the Submit button to create a guest book entry, as shown in Figure 43.5.
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Y N Rising edge stbbb
The Delete button deletes the selected subobject. You can use it to delete vertices, segments, or splines. This button is available in all subobject modes. Pressing the Delete key when the subobject is selected has the same effect.
Saving the report
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