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Quality Costs Overhead Expenses
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Crazy customers. Not enough time. Not enough money. Does this list look familiar to you It should because all of us have basically similar lists. While we all have a list that looks much the same, some people take the list and get rich while other people take the list and go broke. You know what It is not the list s fault. It is your fault. You want a list of reasons you are not doing well Here s one: You.
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Figure 47-4: Defining a custom configuration As you can see in the figure, each row lets you define a default program for an Internet-related service, and whether or not users even have access to the Microsoft program for that service. For example, if you want all users to navigate the Web with Netscape Navigator (and that program is installed), you can make Navigator the default Web browser. If you want to prevent users from browsing with Internet Explorer, clear the Enable access to this program checkbox for Internet Explorer. When you ve finished making your selections, click OK. There may be a brief delay as Windows reconfigures program access and defaults. You ll then be returned to the desktop.
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Practice good hygiene and work habits. Do not handle foods if you have an illness or infection. Clean and sanitize all equipment. Keep foods below 41 F (5 C) or above 135 F (57 C). Cook foods, including red meats, thoroughly; avoid crosscontamination. Practice good hygiene.
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The checkboxes in the Exceptions list indicate whether the exception is enabled or disabled. When you clear a checkbox, the exception is disabled and traffic through the port is rejected. This makes it relatively easy to enable and disable the port on an as-needed basis, because the program name always remains in the list of exceptions. To change the scope of an exception in your exceptions list, click the exception name and click the Edit button. Then, click the Change Scope button and choose your new scope. To remove a program from the exceptions list, and stop accepting unsolicited traffic through its port, click the exception name, and then click the Delete button.
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Windows Photo Gallery is a program that helps you bring together pictures and videos from all the subfolders in your Pictures folder. Photo Gallery isn t a folder where you store files. Rather, it s a way of organizing and accessing files without having to navigate around through multiple folders. For example, you can view all your photos at once, regardless of what folders they re in. Or better yet, you can locate and work with pictures that have certain things in common, such as all the pictures of your child (if you re a parent). The only disadvantage of Windows Photo Gallery is that it doesn t show icons for all pictures and videos. Anything that doesn t show a thumbnail in your Pictures folder doesn t show up at all in Photo Gallery! Photo Gallery shows thumbnails for BMP, JFIF JPEG, PNG, TIFF and WDP photos and WMV, AVI, ASF and , , , MPEG movies. The easiest way to understand what Windows Photo Gallery is all about is to fire it up and take a look for yourself. Use whichever method shown here is easiest for you: n Click (or double-click) any picture thumbnail in your Pictures folder to preview it, then click Gallery in the lower-right corner of the preview window that opens. n Click the Start button and choose Windows Photo Gallery. n Click Start and choose All Programs Windows Photo Gallery. n Tap , type gal, and click Windows Photo Gallery.
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Virtual Circuit Services In 4, you learned characteristics of virtual circuit services in common use: frame relay, ATM, and, in some niches, X.25. As their name suggests, they present the model of a connected circuit. What virtualization do virtual circuit services provide What problems do these solve One reason to look at such services is to get a better perspective on the worldwide environment. North Americans often assume the rest of the world uses flat-rate facilities, but connection time charges are common practice on most other continents. Virtual circuit services avoid connection charges when nothing is being sent. In Europe, ISDN is often a cost-effective way to access frame relay. Virtual circuit services are limited in the topologies they support. ISDN and X.25 do not generally support point-to-multipoint, with the caveat that ISDN can do conference calls for voice. While ATM itself is point-to-point or NBMA, ATM LAN emulation (LANE) does support multicast and broadcast multiaccess topologies. Virtual/Emulated LAN In a book on WANs, why consider virtual LANs (VLAN) and emulated LANs (ELAN) These need to be considered for two main reasons. First, the VLAN may be the campus feeder to the WAN, and there needs to be mappings of QoS or other signals from LAN protocols to WAN protocols. Second, ATM and new variants of Ethernet over DWDM have long range. For either VLAN or ELAN technologies, the virtualization seen by the user organization is of a broadcast domain of MAC addresses. These actually map to shared LAN trunks or a LAN Emulation system (see Figure 5.7). In a VLAN, the underlying transport marks frames with tags that identify the virtualized LAN. Another way to say this is that VLAN trunking identification is in-band. The standard for marking is IEEE 802.1q, although Cisco s proprietary ISL is widely deployed. ISL is somewhat more feature-rich than the basic 802.1q, but the benefits of multivendor interoperability are quite
In Access, you execute event procedures through an object s event properties. Access provides event properties you use to tie VBA code to an object s events. For example, the On Open property is associated with a form or report opening on the screen.
19.5.3 PKI
As another example, we consider a client-server system where Example 9.9 the client workstations (labeled as node 1) submit SQL requests to a server, consisting of a CPU and n disk devices (labeled as nodes 3 and 4) [HLM96]. The workstations are modeled as -/G/l-IS station, while the CPU and disk device are modeled as -/M/l-FCFS stations. The ethernet (labeled as node 2), which connects the workstations with the server, can approximately be modeled by a -/G/l-IS server. The resulting network is shown in Fig. 9.5. The parameters of the model are listed in Table 9.13. Note that workstation service rate is specified as three intervals each having a given probability. For further details see [HLM96].
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need them. And be certain that the clients can meet their commitments with the tighter schedule. You may believe that you can complete the work in the revised time frame, but the clients must also do their part for you to nish on time. Never agree to changes in approach, especially to the schedule, before you do your homework. You may believe you know enough about the sale to make a reasoned judgment without getting bogged down in a detailed analysis. That may be true, but you could also end up making the common mistake of overpromising, and then underdelivering. If that happens, you may do irreparable damage to the client relationship. When clients ask you to change the schedule, especially for a complex sale, don t hesitate to request time to study the rami cations before responding. By doing that, you ll protect your own interests, and your client will appreciate your thorough treatment of this important aspect. Managing a Slippery Scope When Jeanne came out of the meeting with her client sponsor, Ryan, she was kicking herself. Her team had written a comprehensive sales proposal, and now Ryan was telling her that they needed to scale back the program a bit. Not only was Ryan running into resistance about going forward with the initiative, but his colleagues were griping that the proposed fee seemed out of line with the expected value. Jeanne was upset, because she had known that this scenario was a possibility but had put the concern aside; she should have discussed it with the client before she and her team nished and delivered their proposal. Ryan suggested that they brainstorm about how to reduce the scope of the effort and the fee while retaining as much value as possible. Jeanne got to work with the client, knowing that a major rewrite of her proposal awaited her and the sales team. Changes in scope aren t inevitable, but they are common. Try to anticipate them as early as possible in the sales process. In your initial sales conversations, introduce the subject of scope. Try to narrow down, for example, the precise parts of the organization you ll work with and the people who will participate. Talk to clients about options, test different scenarios, and settle on your statement of scope. This can be dif cult to accomplish, but the more clarity you achieve, the easier it will be to manage subsequent changes. Then, keep a running dialogue with clients about the limits of what you plan to do, especially what you are not including. Return often to your
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